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Earn money decluttering your unwanted stuff. Sell for free on Vinted.

Are you a shopaholic or maybe a hoarder? You want to clear out your stuff but your put off by eBay’s seller fee? Well, it’s time to clear out your unwanted clothes and your children stuff and sell them for free at vinted.

Join me on Vinted and you can get £5 to shop. Of ourse I can get a reward as well but I’m honest with you. I have been clearing my stuff in there and I would definitely recommend them. What I love about them is that I get to sell for free unlike eBay which you have to pay selling fees. I love shopping at Vinted as well because there is a lot of bargain in there. Just look at item’s and the sellers profile because there is a lot of them who offer up to 50 percent discount if you buy bundle up to 5 items.

Selling on Vinted is totally free. You can swap in there as well since it’s a buying, selling and swapping site. Download their app for a better shopping and selling experience while you are on the go.

What about you? Do you have a recommended platform to clear out unwanted stuff? Please do share with us ❤️

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Guest Post : Have you heard of Matched Betting?

Today’s guest post is written by Jodi from Matched betting mum . if you would like to know more about Jodi, please scroll down to the bottom of this post where you can find her details.


Thanks to Epril and Amy for having me here on their blog. I run a blog sharing money saving and money making tips. As you can probably tell by the name, my specialist subject is matched betting.

Matched betting is something I’ve been doing for a year now. It’s a guaranteed way of making money from the comfort of your own home. Yet most people have never heard of it. Or, if they have, they’re a little bit too scared to try it.

But it’s actually very simple and easy to do. So I’m on a mission to spread the word. Continue reading “Guest Post : Have you heard of Matched Betting?”

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The Secrets To Moving House On A Budget

Our moving truck

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Moving house can be pretty expensive (not to mention stressful) at the best of times, especially if you have a busy household. Spending more than you wanted to because you haven’t properly planned or budgeted your move is the last thing that you want, and could potentially ruin the exciting moving experience for not only you but your children too. There are several different ways to go about saving money when you move, but here a just a few to get you started.

Stick To Your Budget

This may seem like a rather simple and obvious step, but it isn’t always. You could plan how much you are going to spend on a new house, new furniture, and moving as much as you like, but there is always a risk that something will pop up that needs to be paid for. Then you go over your budget and end up feeling bad for doing so. To avoid this, the best way is to budget in for an emergency, and then if there isn’t one, you have some extra money saved for a nice weekend away, once you’ve settled in, of course. Adding an extra 20% or so on to your budget for an emergency is a sensible amount, but then you must ensure that you don’t spend any more than that.

Shop Around And Book Early

The cheapest way to go about booking your moving vans is to shop around and book as early as possible, as this will get you the best rates. There are many websites, like shiply, which will offer you a free quote on moving all of your belongings, which is a great help, and makes you choosing your moving company a million times easier.

Sell Non-Essentials

Moving house is expensive enough without having things that you don’t really need or use moved however many miles away to your new home. It will require more trips back and forth or more vans, and is an expense you simply don’t need. Instead, have a proper clear out of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in a while, and try selling it on Facebook or eBay so that you have some extra pocket money for a rainy day.

Pay For Packing

The thought of shelling your money for someone to come to your home and pack your things, rather than you simply doing it yourself, may seem counterproductive, especially as you are trying to move on a budget, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Packing companies will include all packing materials in their price, so you won’t have to fork out money on boxes and bubble wrap. As well as this, you are safe in the knowledge that these people are professionals, who know how to safely and securely pack your belongings, and are insured if the worst happens and something happens to break at their hands.
Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid overspending when moving house, meaning that the only thing you have to feel stressed about now is how to accomplish your kid’s extravagant ideas for their bedroom decor.

*collaberative post

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Music Magpie; my personal experience and review

Personally I have used Music Magpie a couple of times to make a few ££ from old dvds that we no longer watch and have never had any problems before. So when we decided to sell our Xbox and the games we thought “save the hassle” and sell through them again. They offered us £100 for the Xbox and £20 for the games. 

I checked the Xbox worked, loaded it up and checked each game to make sure they were all fine. Then I reset the machine to get rid of all our accounts and settings, packaged it (really) well and waited in all day for collection (by their courier). 

A few days later I receive an email from them saying the disk drive doesn’t work and we were offer a revised amount of £10!

I gave them a call and said I had tested it before posting and it was fine, if it no longer works it was damaged by their courier as was it not insured? To which they queried whether I had any proof it was working before I sent it? Had I video’d it working including the serial number of the Xbox? No I hadn’t, so my only option was to have them send the xbox back. To be fair it didn’t cost to have it returned, but I did have to wait in again for the courier. 

I received the Xbox back and tested it myself, with both a DVD, a bluray and an Xbox game and it works perfectly fine. 

Here it is running off the disk with no problems at all!

So my question is: was an error made by Music Magpie? Or is this some way to make extra money? If I had agreed to the revised figure I would have had £90 less and they would have a fully functioning Xbox!!

So just a warning to use this company at your peril, I cannot be sure whether they were trying it on or whether this was a mistake, but I would recommend my followers again using Music Magpie but if you do; always keep a record of your devises working before you send them off!

What do you think? Were they trying to scam me, or was it an honest mistake? Have you had any experience with Music Magpie?

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How to be more eco-friendly

How to be More Eco-Friendly in your Day to Day Life

As a society, we are constantly becoming more and more aware of potential damages to the environment and as a result we are regularly seeking out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint a little. Whether that’s switching your lightbulbs to an LED alternative, going paperless with your energy bills or bank statements or even re-using your Tesco carrier bag, little subtle changes in our day to day lives can really make a big difference to the quality of our environment. Not only this, but you may also find that you benefit financially as well as just feeling generally better physically and mentally. Want to help but not sure how? Here are a few ways you can do your bit to help keep our eco system healthy!

Grow your Own Food

Admittedly, this is a very sweeping statement and of course, not everyone has acres of farmland on which they can live a completely sustainable lifestyle. However, even in small gardens there is the opportunity to grow a little fruit and veg which is not only helping the environment, it is also delicious, nutritious and readily available – not to mention great fun once you get the hang of it! Packets of seeds for fruit such as tomatoes can be bought at any garden centre and once they are planted you can begin the excitement of watching them grew. There is definitely nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious meal that is not only home cooked – but home grown too!

Walk or Cycle!

This is definitely an age old piece of advice when it comes to ways to help the environment, but one that still stands! We are stuck in a society where driving everywhere has become the norm. It is easy to see why, it is quick, convenient and easy. But how many journeys are you completing in the car that could be done using other means? How far away from home do you work? Would it be possible to walk or cycle? Even if you take the train to work, could you walk or cycle to the station instead of drive? Not only will becoming more active benefit the environment, it will also positively impact your physical health.

Have a Clear Out

There is nothing better than having a good old de-clutter from time to time. Just as the saying goes, clear space means a clear mind, and if you allow all kinds of junk to build up in your home, you are likely not doing your stress levels any favours. A good way to tackle hoarded items is to start with your wardrobe. Take a look at the clothes inside and pick out anything you haven’t worn in over a year. Ask yourself if you’re likely to wear it again. If the answer is no, then chuck it. It’s as simple as that. In order to help the environment, make sure you dispose of your clothes responsibly. Organisations such as Freecycle will allow you to exchange goods with others and they will not simply dispose of any unwanted items, they will recycle them. Check out Freecycle as an alternative to the likes of eBay and Gumtree.

Reduce your Food Waste

It is quite shocking the amount of food that is wasted by the average household in the UK and there are so many simple ways of preventing wastage and making sure that your weekly shop lasts just that little bit longer. Batch cooking big one-pot dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese or vegetable curries and freezing it will mean you always have something homemade and nutritious available. If you’re making a stir fry for the whole family – why not put the leftovers in a Tupperware and take it to the office for lunch? Don’t throw away fruit and vegetables that are past their use-by dates either – they are likely still ok to eat – why not boil veggies with stock and blend for a delicious soup? Mash up over-ripe bananas for a hearty banana loaf? Or freeze blueberries for a cool and refreshing smoothie? Next time, before throwing food away, consider whether there are any uses for it first!

Buy Used!

Still today, there is a slight stigma that surrounds buying goods second hand and many people avoid doing it before they have even tried it. Charity shops only stock good quality items and if you don’t like the fact that someone else has worn something – then simply give it a quick wash! You can find some really great quality items in the likes of Oxfam, from clothes shoes and bags to furniture and electronics. The best thing about buying furniture second hand is that you get the opportunity to buy some really great, one off statement pieces for pennies. Re-working them is also a fun challenge if you want to put your own stamp on it! Shopping in charity shops also means you are helping a great cause – guilt free shopping? Where do we sign?!

 *collaborative post


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Guest blog : How to save money when booking your next holiday

Hey! I’m Laura and I’m thrilled to be writing for Epril and Amy today. After spending 8 months travelling in the last year, my travel and lifestyle blog is filled with adventures, stories and advice about backpacking around the world. Follow my adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or subscribe to my blog to keep up with the latest travel, food and lifestyle updates. Now, onto those money saving tips… 

It’s time to book a holiday! Among the excitement, picking the right one can sometimes be a minefield: we want the best deal but also convenience and hassle-free booking. While these things don’t always go hand in hand, I’m going to share with you a couple of really simple ways that you can save money on your next holiday. Whether you want a solo adventure, couples retreat or a fun family getaway, these tips should work for everyone!

Plan your dates

It’s an old favourite but if you can avoid peak travel times, you can save hundreds on your breaks. July and August is peak summer season in Europe while the price of travelling to Asia soars during the cooler months of December to February. If you need to work around the kids holidays, the best deals can often be found in October and February half terms – and the weather is still warm in parts of southern Europe. Bonus tip: if you’re unable to avoid jetting off in peak season, flying midweek is often still cheaper than weekends!

Search for added extras

Bonus freebies are my favourite thing. You know those deals where they throw in a three course meal or free upgrade? Yep, I’m all over them. From kids eat free offers to free airport transfers, it’s always worth having a look if your tour operator or hotel is offering any extras that you’re already expecting to pay for. Backpackers, even hostels are on the ball with this one! My favourite hostel extras include free breakfast, social activities and even a load of laundry – hey, it’s the little costs that add up!

Think outside the box

Often, the first thing we do when we search for accommodation is head to one of the popular booking sites or get it all wrapped up in a package deal. Now, I’m definitely not knocking the ease of these deals but with just a little extra time to look you can find awesome places to stay that could even save you a chunk! Take Airbnb: if you prefer to self cater, apartments or holiday homes to rent can often be a better, cheaper option than a hotel room. Plus, you’ll often have a host contact who can give you local tips to help you see a new side of the area.

Location, location, location

Unless you’re staying in a small town with everything in walking distance, location is crucial. It’s all a balance between the cost of your accommodation and transport. You might save £50 on that hotel outside of the city centre but if you account for the cost of transport each day, it can sometimes work out better just to pay a little extra to be right in the thick of it. This isn’t always the case but it’s definitely worth checking it out before you pick an area.

Carry snacks

This advice, I live by. Whether you’ve got a hangry other half with a seemingly bottomless stomach (I’m definitely guilty) or you’re trying to save money on pricey cafes, carrying a couple of snack bars can alleviate a surprising amount of troubles. If you’re enjoying a day out at the beach, heading to a supermarket to buy a picnic can be way cheaper – and more fun to eat! – than having to pack up and leave for a restaurant. Similarly, if you’re packing in a ton of city sights into a short time, having something in your bag means that you can eat on the go with more time for the sights!

Keep an eye on the exchange rat 

It sounds boring but a saving is a saving, right? Before you go, use a comparison site to find the best, commission free rate for more money in your pocket before you even start! While you’re away, a good rule to keep in mind is to live by the local cost of living. For example, if you visit Vietnam, paying £5 for a meal may seem cheap by UK standards but actually, you’ll end up spending way more than you should.

Busy area? Take advantage

In popular tourist hotspots, there’s often a ton of competition and this can mean that ou can bag yourself a great deal by being a little savvy. Different restaurants will have happy hour deals or special lunch offers to persuade you to eat there – scope out the best ones and enjoy! Venturing off into a quieter side street can also reveal hidden gems. You can often bargain tour prices down a little too, especially if there’s a group of you. But remember, while not being ripped off is important, be sensitive in poorer areas too. While haggling down an extra one or two pounds may not make much of a difference to you, that could be a days worth of meals in Cambodia.

How do you like to save money on your holidays? Leave your comments below, I’d love to know more!

Laura x

You can find Laura online 

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The Newbie’s Guide On How To Get Free Stuff

There is plenty of free stuff that you can take advantage of over the Web. There are numerous companies that give away free samples of the products that they sell and if you just take a bit of time to request these free items, products will start arriving in your postbox regularly.

Before you begin, here are some FAQ for you to read through, particularly if you happen to be new to these free offers. The advice below applies more to the “real life”, free stuff.

Before we start, for a bit of reassurance, at wowfreestuff.co.uk are a completely family friendly site and security and safety is our top priority. Everything that you will find has already been checked to make sure the offer is legitimate and we do not send out any unsolicited emails to our visitors. You do not even need a password or an email to gain entry. You can just start surfing immediately.


 Setting Up A Secondary Free E-Mail Address

You can create a free, secondary e-mail address through companies such as Hotmail, Google or Yahoo! This has nothing to do with receiving spam, but rather when you do request freebies you will most likely have to give your e-mail address or you may have to opt-in for a newsletter as part of these deals. What this means is that you will probably receive promotional newsletters or material from a company that you requested your freebie from. To assist with this issue and avoiding your main or work email address from becoming cluttered, you can save yourself from these hassles with a secondary account.


How Can This Stuff All Be Free, Is There A Catch?

In actual fact, there is in fact a catch and it happens to be an innocuous one and something that you do not need to be concerned about when you follow this advice. The catch involves that you need to opt-in to the e-mailing list. In addition, you will have to supply your physical address in order to receive your samples or free items. However, in over a decade of requesting these freebies, we have not once encountered issues with junk e-mails or mail that clutters your mailbox. Keep in mind that we only show legitimate freebies from companies that are well established who really treat privacy in a serious way and comply with the Data Protection Legislation. However, not every site is safe as they may claim to be. It is still a good to be cautious and when the offer seems to “be too good to be true” in most cases it is.


Will You Get Spammed?

We do not deal with spammers and this includes the sites which we list. The term “spam” is unsolicited and none of the sites that we have listed send out unsolicited e-mails.


How Long Can You Expect To Wait?

This will vary from one company to the next. A few businesses send out samples in a couple of weeks, but the typical time frame is usually in 28 days.


My Friend Received Her Sample, But Mine Never Arrived

On the rare occasion, samples that you have requested will not arrive, even once your friend has received theirs. The companies that offer free samples through the Web often underestimate the demands on their products. This means that they can run-out of these freebies fast. Here at wowfreestuff.co.uk, when we have not received the free sample or product, we quickly remove the offer to prevent further disappointment. It is important to try and request freebies as they become available. However, there are always numerous offers that you can choose from, so it is important to keep trying.


Can Samples Be Sent For Events?

Due to the fact that we just review and then list the samples from the different manufacturers, we do not have freebies that we can directly send to you. If you are planning an event, you may want to make contact with the different large health & beauty and cosmetic companies. A few may be willing to send you hundreds or even thousands of samples, dependent on your request.

Other than what we have mentioned above, that is all you really need to know, to get your hands on your own free samples. If you happen to have any suggestions or comments contact us today.