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Baby shower games!!

My friends are planning a baby shower for a brand new mama-to-be, so I thought it would be a good time to suggest some fabulous baby shower party games:

  • Chocolate covered nappy: this infamous game involves using a CLEAN nappy filled with various melted chocolates and the guests have to sniff/taste they way to a guess of which chocolate was used. Suggested by Amy from the smallest of things.
  • Abi from something about baby suggested loads of games (see her post) my favourites were the egg and sperm race (decorate the wooden spoon as a giant sperm) and guess the celebrity baby name.
  • This game sounds great: fill baby bottles with a drink and the first to finish the bottle wins (could be any drink in their). Thanks to Mia for this suggestion.
  • Some twists on traditional party games from Nicola (all things spliced) pin the dummy on the baby, modelling play doh babies and fill in the missing nursery rhyme lyrics.
  • Porn or Push? You all get pictures of women giving birth mixed with porno faces and have to guess which is which. Thanks to Leslie from Messy Blog for this suggestion.
  • Michelle from the purple pumpkin Suggested guess the famous baby, using childhood photos of celebrities.
  • The baby food game was also suggested but I think I will avoid that one, thanks Emma from the Money Whisperer.

I now have loads of ideas for games, can’t wait to show you all photos from the party!!

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Throw A FANGTASTIC Halloween Bash


Halloween is only a few weeks away, and many of us are running to the supermarkets to buy the perfect pumpkin to carve, plenty of candy for trick or treaters… and of course decorations for a party! Planning parties can be a little stressful, but mostly fun because you get to play around with idea and be as creative as you want.

The secret to throwing the spookiest party you can is to first plan the following things:

· Date and Time

· Who’s Invited

· Theme

· Scary or Fun?

· Food Options

The easiest place to hold a party is at home. You can decorate your whole house to feel like a haunted house, knock up some scary recipes in your cozy plan kitchen rand make the most of playing hostess for the night. You will be able to create the perfect ambience for your SPOOKTACULAR and keep all of your guests entertained!

To really add to the creepy atmosphere of a Halloween bash, why not hold it in your garden? You can set up a gazebo and hang up skeletons on the trees to scare people as they approach the house.

Some simple treats you could make can include:

· Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

· Spooky S’Mores Dip (paint the marshmallows to look like ghosts)

· Ladies Fingers (Sponge fingers and Jelly)

· Witches Cauldron Punch

Once you’ve decided on everything you want to create for your Halloween bash and who you’d like to invite, it’s time to decide whether you want a theme or not. Themed parties are fun and take everyone back to their childhoods, so this is a great option for you and will help you decide what kind of decorations and games to play.

GHOST : The simplest theme you can have involves everyone dressing up as a ghost. It could be a full glow in the dark costume or an old bed sheet, the choice is yours.

MOVIE MONSTERS : There have been some very iconic horror movies in the last few decades, and giving your guests free reign might give you some fun surprises. Someone will no doubt dress up as Pennywise, and don’t be shocked if you see a few Dracula’s and Freddy Krueger’s around.

CLOWNS! : If you don’t like clowns (we don’t blame you) then this theme is not for you. The theme is broad so you could end up with some cute, fun clowns and some that look downright evil.

VAMPIRES : Excusing Twilight from the list, vampires can be menacing and evil creatures. A vampire theme would involve lots of bats, coffins and BLOOD (strawberry sauce or wine for the adults)

ANCIENT EGYPT : Egypt is full to the brim of mythical creatures, Pharaohs and Mummies to make for a colourful and crazy party. Just make sure that you make room for some pyramids in the backyard.

MOVIE PARTY: Movies are always a great choice for a party. You could go for a magical Harry Potter theme, choose something more galactic like Star Wars, or even go full Superhero and have a Marvel theme

*Collaborative Post

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Reminiscing wonderful winter memories with family

It’s the time of the year again where we can feel the cold weather. Seeing the leaves falling from the trees is a sign of the autumn season and soon winter that makes us want to snuggle under our blanket.

What I love about this season is that the warm memories it creates with family. We spend more time with our family having a cup of tea and getting warm. This season also remind me moments I have spent with my parent’s in law when they came to visit England. This memories I had with them gives me a bit of comfort knowing it’s not the same anymore since my father in law passed away this summer.

It was winter when they came over the last time and we went for a walk to celebrate Christmas and new year. Nothing can beat a lovely photograph to cherish all those memories. Winter is definitely the most wonderful time of the year since we have Christmas and new year to look forward to.

I love taking photographs as a memory of the moment and I know that I can count on truprint when it comes to creating something personal as a gift or a remembrance of the past. I love the idea of personalised photo book where I can cherish my wonderful memories with my loved ones.

Winter gives me wonderful feelings when reminiscing moments like this, through photographs of the past that I can keep it forever.

*collaborative post

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Stunning bouquet by Prestige Flowers and donation to cancer research 

Prestige were kind enough to send me these stunning flowers from their new range:

Link goes live in September. 

There is no better feeling than received a big bouquet from a loved one on your special occasion (be it birthday, anniversary, birth of a child, graduation etc) and this bouquet just makes it even better as a huge 25% of the cost is donated to Cancer Research, such a worthy cause.

I would be willing to pay 25% extra for a donation to be made to Cancer Research, but amazingly the price of these flower bouquets are the same as the main site.

Check out our video of the box opening here. 

As always the flowers were well wrapped and had a water reservoir to keep them fresh in transit. I actually wasn’t home upon delivery and they left it in a safe place, out of the sun and a clear note for me for where to find it. It would have been safe all day and the water would have lasted as well.

Once opened the flowers were fresh and beautiful. So colourful and a stunning mix of different flowers (it’s so nice not to just get one type of flower in a bundle) and there was also a vase in the box.

So next time you purchase flowers for a friend, or lover, consider this collection and donate to charity at the same time, why not indeed!

*please note, item was received free in exchange for this review, however all words and opinions are my own. 

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Medieval Times, Orlando. Amazing afternoon out for the whole family!

During our amazing trip to florida we booked an evening at the Medieval Times; jousting dinner and show, it was a spectacular show so entertaining!

As you arrive along the road (it is approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Orlando) you are greeted by a castle, complete with moat:

You cross the draw bridge and enter the castle itself, once you are booked in you can enjoy a drink in the bar (watch out it’s not cheap and these drinks are not included as part of the entry price) purchase some souvenirs or take a nosy round the medieval village full of artifacts. 

We had purchased the standard ticket, which includes 2 drinks (Pepsi or lemonade, water is also available of course), dinner and the show, you can opt to upgrade from the standard package to get banners to wave, t-shirts and preferential seating (but as it was we got the front row). 

Dinner consisted of tomato soup with garlic bread, chicken with baked potato and corn on the cob, pastry and coffee. It was all served medieval style so you eat without utensils, this just makes it more fun! I must say the food was delicious!!

The arena is split into 6 sections and each section supports one of the knights taking part in the jousting completion and you get a crown in the colour of your knights realm and banners etc if you upgrade:

The show starts with the horses performing dressage style “dance moves” which are gorgeous and then moves on to a jousting competition between the knights, complete with a king and princess and a background story line of a bad knight from an opposing realm coming in to try to steal the princess away! There was jousting, hand to hand sword fighting and even falcon flying, they really put on a great show!

Take a look at our video of the evening out here.

I would totally recommend this dinner and show to all visiting Orlando, with or without children. So much fun was had!

*tickets received discounted in exchange for a review

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*guest post* Top 5 tips for handling the summer with kids!!

British summertime. BST. Most of us love it but for some it can be a struggle, especially when you’ve got children to entertain. Whether it be money, time or effort you’re lacking it can be hard work.
As a Snowy Owl Brownie Leader I often get texts or calls from friends asking for help or ideas of things to do. So I’ve listed a few to help get you through the summer.

1. Find free days – Check out your local council and community websites and Facebook pages for free activities and fun days! Days are always better when they are free!

2. Get outdoors – Ok, so this is a given but it’s not easy if you suffer with parent anxiety or simply hate being outside! Make it easier on yourself by starting off small and play out in the garden.

3. Protect yourself – Whether it be from the sun or bugs, get the creams and sprays and lather up. This includes the grown-ups! It’s easy to forget about yourself and end up with sunburn when you’re busy wrestling a child that’s fighting a sun cream application!

4. Get creative with the paddling pool – Fill with water on hot days to cool off and balls on cooler days to create a big ball bit! Kids having a sleepover? Fill it with blankets and pillows and stargaze!

5. Be prepared for rainy days – It is the British summertime after all! So have the kids favourite films and a bag of popcorn to hand for a movie day or blankets and pillows for den building.

Most of all though, enjoy the summer!

Mummy Snowy Owl