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Vitapacks whitening beauty products review

While I was in the philippines I was sent product to try and test. Vitapacks sent me a set of beauty product which includes soap, lotion, face mask and mega white supplement. While it is a big thing in the UK to use fake tan and try to brown your skin more, in the Philippines it is popular to have pale skin and less tan, so you get whitening products instead of tanning products.

The soap is 8 in 1 which has anti-aging, anti-blemish and many more. What I love about this soap is that it doesn’t melt very easily and it doesn’t dry up my skin compare to other whitening product I have tried before. Some whitening soap is a bit strong and does sting on my face but this one is gently and smells nice too. My face has got few pimples after I came back from my holiday and they slowly disappear after using the soap. I’m pleased with the result because it even Out the dark tan lines I got from wearing my eye glasses.

The lotion smells nice and has a lovely texture. It’s not thick or heavy, it just feels perfect when applied on my skin. I feel like it moisturises my skin and evens out the tan lines patch area that I have such as my wrist watch mark which is slowly fading. I love this lotion, it’s one of the best whitening I have ever tried.

The face mask is so amazing. It feels luxurious on the skin and makes it feeling softer and nice to touch. It’s so refreshing once applied and makes my skin looking fresh after using it.

The supplement seems effective as few people notice that I’m glowing and complimented me. Looking at my before and after photo, I can definitely see some difference and changes. My skin appeared brighter and more looking good compare to the tired and dull looking one before trying them all. I’m really pleased with the result and I would definitely recommend them if you want to use them not just because of the lightening reason but also to even out your skin tone and have a bit of glow. What I love about this product is also doesn’t irritate my skin or it’s not harsh compare to other whitening brand I have tried in the past. It won’t give you an instant whitening effect but you can definitely see the difference after using them.

Disclaimer: Vitapacks set of product was sent to me for the purpose of this review but this does not not affect my thoughts and opinion after testing them. I’m only sharing my experience after trying them but bear in mind that everyone has a different reaction on every products.

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Bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set review

I received my free bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set after subscribing to cosmopolitan magazine so I thought I might as well review it and share with you.

The design was definitely very seasonal which is perfect this autumn. It’s also Christmassy with its red ribbon on top of the pumpkin so it’s also good for winter. This set is actually amazing and would make a perfect gift.

The scent is a kind of sweet subtle vanilla with a hint or undertone of pumpkin. It’s kind of yummy, you know when your baking and it’s kind of delicious with a hint of spice. It’s just amazing.

The body butter is thick and creamy which is perfect this winter. It suits for people with dry skin since it’s very moisturising. It feels luxurious on the skin and makes it smoother.

The hand cream is so cute and very essential. It’s like the body butter which nourish the hands and nails. I love the way it feels on my palms and the scent is just gorgeous.

The shimmery mist is a beauty. The glass does shape like a ball of crystal and inside you can see the shimmer but it’s not visible when you spritz it to your neck. It’s just fancy and kind of sweet. It gives you that wonderful feeling which makes you appreciate the beauty of autumn and winter season.

The shower gel is just perfect. It has the right consistency and scent you need to indulge yourself and get relax when showering. You come out feeling pampered and smell nice.

The set price is £36 which i thought is a good value of money. I definitely love this range from bodyshop and so excited in using them everyday. It gives me a feeling of warmth at this colder days. I would definitely recommend them.

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Malée Conditioning Body Scrub Review

I am a huge fan of treating myself to a luxury product in the bathroom, nothing beats relaxing in the bath surrounded by fantastic scents and extra conditioning products. But I am fussy and only like to use environmentally friendly products: SLS free, no parabans, not tested on animals etc etc.

I recently discovered Malée and love love love their products. My favourite by far is the Conditioning Body Scrub, which not only smells divine but is a must have for any bathroom cupboard.

The scrub is great for removing dry, dead skin cells, leaving your legs smooth and beautiful, it also leaves an oil layer (which is the moisturiser) which can act as a great base for shaving your legs, instead of buying a separate shaving cream.

If you wax then be sure to use a scrub a few days after your treatment, it can help to stop ingrowing hairs and if you get a spray tax, make sure you use a scrub before your visit to remove dead cells and make your tan even.

Honestly, I don’t know how any bathroom is complete without a body scrub, I use it twice a week especially important in the summer.

Do you like luxury toiletries? What is your favourite/must have bathroom product?

*Item was provided for free in exchange for an honest review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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Sensse anti aging facial cleansing brush review 

This is my first time to try out a facial brush. I have never tried them before because I’m scared that it will irritate my skin since I have a combination of normal and sensitive skin. Also, I thought that the facial brush is a bit hard for my face until I have tried this. The anti aging purpose seems a bonus as well since sign of aging has had started to show. 

This came in a smart looking box which looks presentable and expensive. Inside comes the facial brush and its cover, USB cable, charger base. No instruction or user manual included but it’s very straightforward. Just connect the USB cable to adaptor and charge it for an hour and you can see that’s it’s already fully charge when the 3 light is standby. 

It has a 3 intensity levels for you to choose from and It’s recommended to use the low level brush speed if you have a sensitive skin and the high speed for a deep exfoliation and anti wrinkle treatment. 

Once fully charged, I wet my face first to dampen it and wet the brush as well. Then I put a little bit of Nivea facial cleanser to the brush and I choose the low level brush speed and glide it on my face on a circular motion. 

I’m surprised that the brush brittle is soft on my skin. It gives a gently massage feeling and stimulate the blood flow. The brush will automatically stop and beep every 20 seconds to remind you to move to a new area which is good. 

After i finish, I rinse my face and pat dry. I have notice that my skin is feeling softer, fresh and radiant. My face looks cleaner and smoother as well. I’m totally converted and would love to continue using this facial cleanser brush. I feel that my face will benefit from its exfoliation purposes and it’s good for the skin to have a facial brush which act like a massager as well which is good for blood circulation. 

I’m pleased with this product and it’s good to know that I can use this while in the shower as well. I’m impress how soft the brush brittle and didn’t irritate my skin. I would definitely recommend this especially if you’re always on the go and don’t have time to cleanse and exfoliate. 

Disclosure: The item was provided free in return for a review post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own including photos and videos. 

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Organic Moringa Oil from Wikaniko #triedtested

At the ripe old age of 32 I have started to notice a few wrinkles creeping in (I would call them laughter lines but unfortunately they seem to be frown lines!) and after two children I have a number of rather impressive stretch marks. I am all for being proud of your stretch marks because they are a sign of what you went through for your child, but I would like them to be reduced…

Picture from internet, not my own.
I was offered some Moringa Oil to test from Wikaniko and have been using it for 2 weeks now.

I did a quick bit of research about Moringa Oil (I am the daughter of a scientist so I do not naively accept facts found online, so this information was from an article which quoted its sources from various scientific journals (see article here): Moringa Oil is known for its anti-aging properties and is found in many skin care products. It also hydrates and moisturises and leaves the skin brightened, it is antiseptic and anti inflammatory so helps prevent outbreaks. Moringa Oil helps treat dark spots of hyperpigmentation.

As a teenager I had an acne outbreak and the doctor prescribed something which seemed to be pure alcohol and sapped all the moisture from my skin, since then I have had super sensitive skin which turns red at the slightest thing (including water). Since using the Moringa Oil I have found my skin is a lot less sensitive and definitely brighter and less tired looking.

I don’t have massive wrinkles, but I certainly have the start of them and would be very pleased if I didn’t! Haha! After two weeks of using Moringa Oil every evening I can see a good difference, they haven’t vanished but they are certainly reduced.

I have a facial dark spot which has appeared over the last few years (as a skin cancer sufferer I, of course, freaked out and got it checked but I can assure you the dermatologist doubled checked it and it is just a mark), since using the oil there has been a good difference and I hope to continue using it and perhaps eliminate it altogether:

I have also been using the Moringa Oil on my stretch marks on my stomach (in preparation for a bikini in America this coming June!) again there has been a good reduction in the obvious marks, but I can’t expect miracles my son was 9lb8!

Finally, I tested the claim that the Moringa Oil was good for conditioning the hair. Apply before it is washed (leave on over night is best but I only applied it immediately before a shower) and then wash off with natural shampoo (SLS free shampoo is best, see my reviews of sls free shampoos here). I was surprised how beautifully soft and shiny my hair was afterwards, my hair has been bleached recently so is pretty dry atm. I assumed it would get greasy quickly since I has smothered it in oil but actually it lasted longer than normal between washes.

The Moringa Oil isn’t cheap at £16.95 for 100ml but you really don’t need much of it for each application so it lasts really well. If you would like to try it I have been given a 10% discount code to share with you all, use code MOR10 at checkout. Offer valid on this website only, until end of March 2017.

*please note, I was provided this item free in exchange for a review. This has not effected my opinion and all words are my own.


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Detoxifying facemask by Younique for sensitive skin

I have mentioned before that, following a nasty prescription as a teenager, I have incredibly sensitive skin. So much so that often just rinsing my face with water leaves it feeling tight and red. So when purchasing skin care products I like to test them first.

I wanted to buy a new face mask and I had heard good things about the Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask, my lovely Younique presenter Amy offered to let me try her mask before I purchased to make sure I could use it (Younique of course have their own guarantee but I didn’t want the hassle of having to send it back if it didn’t suit me).

It is very simple to use: rinse the face with water and apply a layer of the mask.

It starts to fizz and pop slightly as it oxygenates and then simply you wash it off.

Not only did my skin not react to it negatively, but it really helped clear my pores and left my skin feeling so soft

The mask isn’t cheap at £38 a pot, but really clears the skin and feels so lovely afterwards. I am just stunned at how it didn’t cause my skin to go bright red and horrid I have never found a mask which works for me, until this one!

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Blaviar luxury care premium after shave balm sigma review

Available here

I was sent this one to review but it’s a men’s toiletries so I gave it to my husband to try. I also smelled it and the fragrance was just lovely. It has aromatic fragrance that has woody, citrusy and floral notes. Usually, i don’t like men’s toiletries as the scent are usually masculine but this one doesn’t annoy my nose but rather pleased it with a nice impression. My husband use it for his face and Neck after shaving and can be used as a daily moisturiser as well. The fragrance is noticeable and does last for a long time. Hubby was pleased with this product as well as it nourish its skin even the dry part of his face. 

Looking at the details at the back of the product, this is also suitable for vegan to use. It’s free from harsh chemical so it’s kind to the skin. Hubby also did not had any reaction using this product and we feel that it’s a good value of money since we’re happy with the quality of it. Definitely recommended!