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What Can I Use My Conservatory For?

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. It gives you more space to work with, and they’re less expensive and quicker to build than a brick extension. Maybe you’ve moved into a home with a conservatory, or are thinking of having one built and aren’t exactly sure what they can be used for? Here are just a few ideas to consider!

An Extra Living Space

An extra living space at home can be really useful. Feeling overcrowded and that your family doesn’t have enough space can cause frustration and arguments. An extra living room means adults could have one room and teenagers could have another.

Alternatively you could have a ‘formal’ living room and a more casual one. It could be a breakfast room, or somewhere you sit out when the weather is nice. Having that extra bit of room in the home can make all the difference.

Photo linked from this site
A Playroom

Fed up of toys everywhere in your living room? You could use the conservatory as a playroom instead while your children are small. With modern glass and additions like Guardian warm roof, conservatories aren’t the draughty ‘greenhouse’ style spaces they once were so no worry about children getting cold. They’re just as warm and cosy as the rest of the home. As your children get older you could repurpose the space and use it for something else.

A Dining Area

We’re not all lucky enough to have separate dining rooms at home. If your kitchen is small, chances are you’ll be doubling up your living room as a living/ dining area. Using the conservatory as a dining space instead gives you far more room in your main living area.

Alternatively, if you have a dining room you could use this for something else such as a home office- and dine in the conservatory instead.

A Kitchen Extension

A large kitchen is the stuff of dreams. They’re practical, beautiful and add more value to a home- it would certainly give it a strong selling point. Instead of making yours bigger with a standard brick extension, why not do so with a conservatory instead? With so much glass you’ll flood the room with natural light, making it look bright and gorgeous. Imagine cooking and entertaining in a space like this!

A Home Office

What better way to work from home than in a lovely bright and airy space? Whether you’re freelance, run your own business or just use your office to pay household bills it’s a great use of the space. Set up your desk and computer, add some plants and a filing cabinet to store all of your essentials. Some good quality conservatory blinds will help keep you shaded when the sun is out so you can see your screen properly! If you don’t have an extra bedroom to use then this is an ideal way to create the space you need.

Do you have a conservatory at home, or are you planning on having one built? What will you be using it for?

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How to play with playsuit? 

Playsuit may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it takes bravery to wear them especially when it comes to toiletting lol

I’m not a fashion expert but for me I love trying different things by just fitting them even though I’m not sure about it. I think the best way to have fun on clothes is by playing around and just trying anything even though it’s not your taste or style as it may surprise you that it can look good on you. Some people may not be comfortable wearing something like playsuits but it’s fun. Here are some of my playing moment with my playsuit lol 

I’m trying to copy cat the model lol 

This looks perfect on holiday, so comfy and relax to wear plus looking stylish and beautiful with its floral. 

I love this denim coloured playsuit so pretty and perfect to match with a brightly coloured cardi for a relaxing stroll in the beach or cycling. 

Floral playsuit with belt is very pretty and match with a satchel or messenger style bag. 

Strappy playsuit is just as lovely and you can even turn them strapless if the strap are removable.

This one is just as pretty 

This playsuit has frills style and one shoulder tie and also at the waist which looks stylish either in plain or patterned. 

This is my friend wearing Peter fan style playsuit in sleeveless and with Sleeve. You can tell they look equally amazing. 

Bird patterned is very quirky and cute.

Amy is wearing a pinstripe v neck and batwing shoulder playsuit which looks flattering and does complement the body shape. Me wearing a coral peach wrap peplum style playsuit which looks fab as well. 

So, do you have a favourite? You can layer it as well when it’s a bit cold. 

Like this, you can layer it up with leggings and cardi if the playsuit has a patterned on it. 

There you go, just sharing with you how I play different playsuits 🙂 

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Salted caramel mocha cake

I got the basic recipe for a mocha marble loaf from here


  • 175g butter, softened
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs, large
  • 175g self raising flour
  • 2 tsps of instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp boiling water
  • 2 tbsps cocoa powder mixed to a paste with a little boiling water

I won’t walk you through the cake batter recipe; cream the butter and sugar, add eggs, fold in flour.

Split into two bowls, add the cocoa powder mix to one and the coffee mix to the other.

Layer into the loaf tin and using a skewer zigzag the mixture so it marbles. Cook at 160 Celsius for 55 minutes.

Once cool slice the cake in half.

Mix some butter icing up, I don’t measure I just stick some in until the icing looks right. I then added some Monin salted caramel coffee syrup.

Layer the icing across one half and pop the lid back on:

Melt a Lindt salted caramel bar or rolos in the microwave, add some boiling water and mix in some icing sugar. Stab holes in the top of the cake and drizzle the glaze over the top. Mash some more Lindt bars or rolos and decorate the top with them.

Mummy in a Tutu
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Eps And Amy goes dress up

Hey guys, 

Me and Amy had a good catch up today planning outfit for our upcoming photoshoot. We had so much fun playing up with my clothes and here are some pictures to share. 

Amy and me in a playsuit style, newlook has a fantastic selection of playsuits. 

Me and Amy in a casual style. Cold shoulder is totally in atm, check out this selection and find yourself some shorts for the summer, try this collection

Me and Amy in a long style where I’m wearing a jumpsuit and Amy in maxi dress.

Me and Amy in a party outfit, check out this selection on sale atm  

Me and Amy goes short dress, check out this sale for ideas

Me wearing a red slit shoulder jumpsuit and only £5 from Everything5pounds, amazing!

So, that’s us guys. We are a friend and a blogging partner managing this website. 

What is your favourite picture of me and Amy? What do you think of our clothes choices for our photoshoot? We would love to know what your thinking so share it with us. 

Thank you!


*post contains affiliate links. Please note, we were trying on outfits from our wardrobe, so some not currently available we have selected similar to show you online ❤️❤️

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Perfect Planning For The Family Trip Of A Lifetime

Image Credit
Traveling with inquisitive kids is a real treat. The innocent way they approach new sights, sounds, and experiences adds a whole new level to a holiday that an adult just can’t experience without them. Every adult has a dream holiday destination in mind. Many people wait until the last kid moves out to head to the four corners of the world to explore. 

But these days, more and more people are taking their children to exciting and exotic destinations to give them the adventure of a lifetime. The theory is that kids who are exposed to interesting new sights and cultures at a young age will grow up to be more inquisitive, adventurous, and it’s a great self-esteem builder. Don’t want for the kids to move out before you head off for your holiday of a lifetime – take them with you.
Decide on a budget

Granted, it’s cheaper to travel as two adults alone, without kids in tow. But at least they’re cheaper than extra adults, right? Before you get your heart set on a destination, you’re going to want some idea of a budget. How are your savings looking? Is a loan viable? Homeowners with a bad credit history are now able to get poor credit loans, which are perfect for a little bit more money to pay for the family holiday of a lifetime. Otherwise, people with stronger credit histories might be able to purchase a fantastic adventure holiday for a small deposit and finance. There are many options available, so be sure to do your research before you set your heart on your destination.

Image Source
Beach or adventure?

What sort of holiday do you all desire? Is a city break your dream holiday? Would you prefer a road trip, a relaxing beach trip, or an adventure through the wilderness? The beauty of adventure holidays, including road trips, is that they can be super engaging for children of any ages. The educational aspects of these types of holidays are part of what is making them increasingly attractive to families in recent years. 

City breaks tend to be packed with beautiful sights, and interesting museums and shops, but can often be stressful for families. The busy streets and stress of navigating can make it less popular with families. Choosing the type of holiday that you’ll all enjoy is essential before you start looking properly.

Image Source
Sound the kids out

This is their holiday too, so their input is essential. What sort of holiday do they want to do? What are some of their current aspirations? Do they dream of riding on an elephant, zip-lining, visiting a space centre, or seeing lions in the wild? The family holiday of a lifetime should include things that every family member wants to do – even the tiniest toddler. 
Dates vs destination?

Depending on your budget and school holidays, you might find that you are required to compromise on some aspects of your trip. Are you able to travel during school terms? This is obviously one of the best ways to keep travel and accommodation costs low. Otherwise, are you willing to compromise on the destination or the length of the trip to keep travel costs down? 

If the dates you’ve chosen are fixed, it can seriously hike the price up. The flexibility of a week on either side could really help you to find cheaper flights and accommodation, even outside of term time.

Image Source

Get packing

Traveling as adults is straightforward – passports and visas are basically all we need, almost everything else we can source at the airport or our destinations. When traveling with children, it’s a whole other kettle of fish, especially for long haul flights. Taking provisions is essential, not just for their comfort, but for your sanity too. Food, entertainment, comfort blankets, pillows – basically the kitchen sink – are imperative. 
Get organised

Do you need a visa or visa waiver? Do your children need one too? Does your travel insurance cover the children, or do they need to be added too? Does the accommodation you’ve booked accept children? Are there any safety concerns for your destination that need to be accounted for? Are yours and your children’s vaccinations and boosters up to date? Getting organised well in advance avoids the mad rush that comes before traveling. Knowledge about your destination and any of its nuances will also help to put your mind at ease about traveling with children. Organisation is everything.
Taking children on the holiday of a lifetime can be stressful, but incredibly rewarding, educational, and inspiring. Have you ever taken your children somewhere a little bit obscure? 

Leave a comment and let us know!

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Nescafé gold new recipe review | #triedtested

I’m a coffee lover and drink coffee everyday and honestly I’m addicted to it. This is why I’m so excited when I was sent a Nescafé gold new recipe in double choc mocha, caramel latte and cappuccino unsweetened taste. I also got a free Nescafé cup which is perfect.

Trying them all makes it hard for me to choose my favourite. This new recipe has really gone perfect from the original which already irresistible. My fave before tasting this new improved recipe we’re the mocha flavour but now I just loved them all.

My teeenage daughter love the caramel latte and I already love the mocha which is naughty as it’s a double choco mocha and the cappuccino is perfect for less sugar since it’s unsweetened but still lovely to taste. This coffees from Nescafé gold were perfect for indulgent moments. For me they are comforting, irresistible and a treat. It’s like being in costa but the cost is cheaper but has the same feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. Each box contain 8 sachet which is good for 8 drinks and it’s Rrp£2.98 but other store prices were as low as £1.50 at the time of writing this post. Check my supermarket app prices.

They are easy to prepare as well.

Just boil water in your kettle and empty the content of the sachet into your mug then pour hot water and stir then wait 20 seconds and stir again to make it more frothy. For creamier texture just tap your mug on the table and feel free to add any grated chocolate topping or marshmallow if you want. That’s it put your feet up and enjoy ❤

Family Fever
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Easy Ways To Impress Your House Guests

Even if we don’t consider ourselves to be particularly house proud in the practical sense of the word, it’s safe to say that most of us like impressing our guests. Having people staying over at our homes can really bring out the hostess in many of us – especially if the guests in question are friends and family, you don’t see that often. If you have ever gone away to stay with a family member, you will know first hand just how nice it is when you are made to feel as though you have a home away from home. Therefore, it’s only natural that you would want to give your own guests a similar experience, so they leave your home feeling like they had the best stay possible! Here are a few ways you can impress your house guests, so they give you a 10/10 review every time. 

Image source

Dreamy bedding 
There’s nothing worse than going away for a couple of days for what’s meant to be a relaxing getaway – only to find that your bed is uncomfortable and you get next to no sleep. With this in mind, it’s no use just chucking your guests in the spare room on the futon. If you want to make a really good impression, you will have to put together a bed that screams luxury. Thankfully, companies such as Richard Haworth specialise in hotel-style bedding, so you can offer your guests those crisp white sheets that they would usually pay £100 a night for. Check your mattress for any major lumps and always offer spare pillows, as some of your guests may prefer to sleep with two or even three. Finish your bed setup with a cosy throw folded across the bottom (just in case the evenings get a little chilly), and there you have it – a luxury guest bed any hotel would be proud of! 

Little extras 

We all know what it’s like being a guest at times. You need certain things from your host, but you feel awkward pestering them all the time. Remove this issue totally for your guests by always being one step ahead of their needs. Provide guest towels and face cloths, so they don’t need to worry about using yours, or bringing their own. Offer them their own personal shampoo and body wash, and pop tea and coffee in their room too, so they have their own personal supply. 

Image source

Create a clean and relaxing haven 
Before your guests arrive, the number one thing you need to do is make sure you are on top of your cleaning. No guest wants to turn up at a house that looks like a bomb site – it makes them feel awkward, and it can be odd for them when their host cleans around them. If your spare room has become a bit of a dumping ground for your stuff recently, see your guests coming as a reason to finally clear it all out. Give the carpets a hoover, set the heating to a pleasant level and light some fragrant candles to welcome your guests into your home – once they see the effort you have gone to, they won’t ever want to leave!