Guest Post : Top 3 most useful baby items that will stand the test of time

Today’s guest post is written by Alison at five little stars, if you want to know more about her, please scroll down to the bottom of this post where you can find her details.

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Buying for a new baby is overwhelming. I remember writing a long shopping list that I had compiled from parenting books, Mumsnet and the hospital information packs. I was like a woman possessed; researching Amazon for best rated breast pumps and buying onesies in the Next sale.
My children are now aged 3 and 5 so that was a couple of years ago now. And most of the products from the early days have long gone now – sold off on buy & sell sites or given away to friends or charity.

But I want to tell you about 3 useful baby products that have stood the test of time. I still use them today and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Continue reading “Guest Post : Top 3 most useful baby items that will stand the test of time”


Guest Post : The Young Theatre Luvvie

Today’s guest post is written by Helen from break a leg, If you would like to know more about Helen, please scroll down to the bottom of this post where you can find her details.

To say that theatre is a dominant part of mine and my husband’s lives is an understatement. I’ve been a theatre and entertainment blogger for the best part of six years and my husband is an actor and singer. Need I say more? Continue reading “Guest Post : The Young Theatre Luvvie”

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Jamberry nails: easier and quicker than varnish

As a busy mum I really don’t have time to faff around painting my nails and letting them dry and then 2 days later they are all chipped and look rubbish. That is until I discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps

These nail wraps use heat and pressure to apply long lasting, pretty nail colours which don’t take long to apply, are ready to go straight away (no drying time) and don’t chip or fade. They last about 2 weeks and look as good they day you put them on as the day you take them off. 

You can apply them using your hair dryer for the heat, but if you like the wraps and go on to use them more often I would really recommend buying their heater as it is so much better than a hair dryer. 

If your nails are fairly flat then they are pretty easy to apply, mine are really curled so are harder to apply which is why I use the baggy method to stick the sides down well.  I have done video to show you the baggy method, check it out here

I would really recommend giving jamberry nails a try, if you contact a sales rep then they are often happy to send you a sample to try. 

Check out Kerry’s Facebook page here for special offers and more info. 

*note, item was provided free for review, this has not effected my opinion and all words are my own. 

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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Dining Room For The Family

Eating as a family used to be part of the daily routine. Everyone used to sit down together at the end of the day, eat a hearty and nutritious meal and discuss their days and views. Of course, some families may still keep up with this tradition, but it seems more and more that children eat earlier than parents due to circumstances with work routines, or even eating in front of the T.V for a quick midweek meal or takeaway. However, weekends tend to be a great opportunity to reignite this family tradition and having the ideal perfect dining area to do it is a great way to encourage it. So I thought I would share with you five ways you could improve your dining room. Image source

Decorate it

Decorating any room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a real impact and change how a room looks and feels. A dining room is primarily a place to gather with family and even friends to socialise, so the decorating needs to coincide with the purpose of the room. Calming colours tend to be a good choice for dining rooms, and a light pastel colour pallette could be a great way to reinvent the room. Dining rooms can be one of the smallest reception rooms you have in your home, so a brighter wall could make it feel larger in size. 

Add some new furniture

Adding some new pieces of furniture can be another way to make a dining room feel new and improved. Perhaps you didn’t have a big enough table to seat the whole family, so investing in something like a glass dining table set could be worthwhile. You could also think about other elements of a room such as a welsh dresser or sideboard housing all of your plates and glass collections. 

Make it a versatile space that can be used

Sometimes in smaller homes, a dining room is a place that needs a dual-purpose. You may want to eat in there and enjoy time with family and friends, but your children may need the table to do their homework. You may need to use the space to work from home or even be able to relax in there if the other rooms are being used. Think about how you can add versatility to the space to make the room more user-friendly. 

Create the right atmosphere

A dining room is primarily a family space, so create that atmosphere by displaying pictures of the family on the walls or window sills. Other things to consider would be the lighting, you could have a dimmer switch for the main light so the right ambiance and lighting can be offered in the evening. 

Let some light and air into the room

Finally, the dining room may be a space that you use during the day, so a great tip is to let as much natural light into the room as possible. Get rid of blinds or at least have them open. Even open up the windows to let some fresh air into the room. Simple things like this can dramatically change how a room looks and feels. 

I hope these tips help you to improve your dining room. 

*collaberative post

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Stunning bouquet by Prestige Flowers and donation to cancer research 

Prestige were kind enough to send me these stunning flowers from their new range:

Link goes live in September. 

There is no better feeling than received a big bouquet from a loved one on your special occasion (be it birthday, anniversary, birth of a child, graduation etc) and this bouquet just makes it even better as a huge 25% of the cost is donated to Cancer Research, such a worthy cause.

I would be willing to pay 25% extra for a donation to be made to Cancer Research, but amazingly the price of these flower bouquets are the same as the main site.

Check out our video of the box opening here. 

As always the flowers were well wrapped and had a water reservoir to keep them fresh in transit. I actually wasn’t home upon delivery and they left it in a safe place, out of the sun and a clear note for me for where to find it. It would have been safe all day and the water would have lasted as well.

Once opened the flowers were fresh and beautiful. So colourful and a stunning mix of different flowers (it’s so nice not to just get one type of flower in a bundle) and there was also a vase in the box.

So next time you purchase flowers for a friend, or lover, consider this collection and donate to charity at the same time, why not indeed!

*please note, item was received free in exchange for this review, however all words and opinions are my own.