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Bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set review

I received my free bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set after subscribing to cosmopolitan magazine so I thought I might as well review it and share with you.

The design was definitely very seasonal which is perfect this autumn. It’s also Christmassy with its red ribbon on top of the pumpkin so it’s also good for winter. This set is actually amazing and would make a perfect gift.

The scent is a kind of sweet subtle vanilla with a hint or undertone of pumpkin. It’s kind of yummy, you know when your baking and it’s kind of delicious with a hint of spice. It’s just amazing.

The body butter is thick and creamy which is perfect this winter. It suits for people with dry skin since it’s very moisturising. It feels luxurious on the skin and makes it smoother.

The hand cream is so cute and very essential. It’s like the body butter which nourish the hands and nails. I love the way it feels on my palms and the scent is just gorgeous.

The shimmery mist is a beauty. The glass does shape like a ball of crystal and inside you can see the shimmer but it’s not visible when you spritz it to your neck. It’s just fancy and kind of sweet. It gives you that wonderful feeling which makes you appreciate the beauty of autumn and winter season.

The shower gel is just perfect. It has the right consistency and scent you need to indulge yourself and get relax when showering. You come out feeling pampered and smell nice.

The set price is £36 which i thought is a good value of money. I definitely love this range from bodyshop and so excited in using them everyday. It gives me a feeling of warmth at this colder days. I would definitely recommend them.

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Photowall Prints: so much better than “just a canvas”

Since having the children we have had several photoshoots which we have bought canvases from and boy are they expensive; I think the last one cost £1000! It’s a lovely print but ouch!

We all have so many lovely pictures taken on our phone now and the quality of the cameras are so good that you might as well get some prints done from them.

Photowall offer some lovely canvas prints and wallpaper murals but they also offer the option to upload your own image and put it on a canvas with frame or as a wallpaper mural.

Photowall were kind enough to send me a canvas with frame from one of our photos, from Disneyland Paris last year. I admit I didn’t pay attention to the sizing and was stunned when it arrived:

But the quality is amazing considering it was taken on a lowly iPhone 5. Although it didn’t arrive in its frame it was really easy to put together (well it was easy for hubby).

If you would like 20% off at Photowall as well then use the code: amyshiphamcampaign2017 code valid until end of November 2017

*please note: canvas was provided free for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own. 

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London Design Fair; sustainable British companies

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that last weekend I was up at the London Design Fair with my “official” job at Newlife Paints. We were part of a stand share organised by Blue Patch which is a not for profit organisation which offers a Sustainable marketplace for UK design, ethical fashion, eco-furniture, green gifts, organic & fair trade food.  Continue reading “London Design Fair; sustainable British companies”

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What to buy a 9 year old girl?!

It is my daughters 9th birthday this week and I never realised quite how difficult it is to shop for her age group!

She does like toys, she still plays with baby dolls and Barbie’s, but since she has played with these for years there is a limited number of additional items she wants to go with these. She has asked for:

    • Steffi vet set

Simba Steffi Love Animal Doctor

    • Barbie date night furniture


    • Steffi newborn set

Steffi Baby World Playset (Styles Vary)

  • Lily super snackin’ baby

BABY ALIVE C09638020 Super Snacks Snacking Noodles

I also decided to buy her some more grown up presents, not just a bunch of toys. So I got her:

    • A personalised unicorn hoodie

[ Kids ] Personalised Unicorn White Glitter Hoodie Choose Your Name and Colour (9-11, Purple)

    • LED flashing trainers (specifically the ones without heelies!)

Santiro Unisex Boys Girl’s Sneaker Casual Shoes for child USB Charging LED Luminous Light SSK006G3-35

  • I also got Bethany a selection of proper make up from the Natural Collection in Boots

With thanks to Laura from Women in Progress, who suggest unicorn snot and got me onto the train of thought of unicorn presents!


Of course the only suitable party for such a grown up young lady is a pamper session, dinner out and a sleep over with her best friend!

Since it is her birthday Sunday 17th September make sure you all keep quiet about her presents 😉

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Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!

Choosing colours for your home is a difficult task, I work for a paint manufacturer and I know the stress it brings people!

Did you know that certain colours can affect our emotions or how we behave in the house?

Thomas Sanderson has produced a guide which gives you a guide for the best colour for each room and the science behind it. I have taken their key points below for you, but do check out their full guide on their siteContinue reading “Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!”

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Packing for our holiday in the Philippines and what is filipino pasalubong?

We are going on a family holiday to the philippines again this August and as our flight is getting nearer I have start packing and I have accumulated so much shopping I have collected in preparation for our holiday.

Everytime we go for a holiday to the philippines, I always buy new things for everyone, it's become a habit but I always do it early if I know we're going. I shop around from the sales and buy clothes and other things as gifts and toiletries etc. I buy for my kids, my husband and of course for myself 🙂

Here is what I have packed so far, and this is not final yet as I still have a few items bought online which haven't arrived yet and I need more shopping trips to buy chocolates for family and friends in the philippines.

For me

I must admit, I'm a bit of a shopaholic and I have so many clothes that I don't know what to bring anymore lol, I feel like I wanted to bring my whole closet but I can't. I bought so much new stuff from the sales but I still have loads of new clothes to pack. I will probably just pack loads and giveaway some of them as a pasalubong (gift).

For hubby

Since it's my husband's birthday while we are away, I have bought him loads of new summery clothes to wear in the philippines. It's an early birthday present, but shhh I got them mostly from the sales 😉 and yes they are mostly from H&M. 

For my daughter

My teenage daughter has her own fashion taste and style, according to her she doesn't really want most of the clothes I buy for her  (teenagers, who'd have em!?), so I let her have a browse online and treat her a shopping spree for stuff she wants to use on our holiday. We will probably put the kids stuff in hand carry luggage as we need a lot of space for pasalubong, which I will tell you about in a bit.

Every time I see a clothes sale I can't resist buying for my boys. I even bought them the same t shirt each so they will look like a twins lol I just like them matching, even if there is a few years between them. 

Hubby's shopping spree

Hubby went shopping as well and bought even more so that's another thing to add to our luggage.

What is filipino pasalubong?

Pasalubong is a popular Filipino tradition of bringing home something from your travels for your loved ones back at home. It can be a simple souvenir you got from the places that you went to or food that you have tried and want to bring home with you.

Pasalubong can also be a gift given to you by someone who just came from other place in the Philippines or abroad.
Often, pasalubong is associated with people traveling abroad and are coming back home, who we call balikbayan. So people returning from out of the country, like us, are almost always carrying a lot of gifts from the country that they have been to that they will be giving to those who they left here in the Philippines. However, pasalubong can also be taken the other way around. It can be something you give to other people abroad that came from the Philippines when you travel out of the country.

So far, I have pack this but I have more so they will take the space on our 2 main luggage. All of this will go to our family and friends in the philippines as our pasalubong. It's very expensive to go home for a holiday in the philippines but it feels awkward to go empty handed without giving any presents to them since it has become a tradition for us Filipinos to share blessings and be generous with anything we can give.

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Living Room Inspiration for Summer

There is so much I want to do in the house, one of which is refurbishing the lounge, we recently repainted, using our recycled paint in Parchment Cream and now I want to update the rest of the room.

One thing I love is the blinds we have, we got them from a little place Chichester, they are great quality and have lasted so well with the two child environment and being vertically fitted they don’t gather dust as badly as horizontal blinds.

I would love to renew our sofa, we have had it 8 years now and it has coped with two babies throwing up on it and spilling milk daily, but now we would like a “grown up” sofa. I love sofa shopping and Fishpools have some lovely collections, I adore the Isabelle range of corner sofas, we are definitely going for a corner sofa this time.

Storage is important, especially with children around, somewhere to put the toys without looking like its full of toys. These unit boxes are great it keeps the toys tidy and the kids can take one box at a time and tidy up before they get the next box out. Check back to our blog in a few weeks as we will be giving away one of these units. 

I love floating shelves for displaying ornaments, keeps them out of the kids reach but without the messy brackets holding them up.

A bright rug like this Darcy Rug from Littlewoods would look great in our lounge, the bold red would look fab against our dark wooden flooring and the flower pattern would help hide the dog and cat hair which inevitable always coats our flooring!

What are your lounge décor plans? Do you dream of redecorating like me?

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What it’s like to be a spectacle wearer? My new eye glasses from specsavers 

The difference of having with or without glasses.

I decided to start wearing glasess when I realised I couldn’t read the plate number of the car when I was asked at my first driving practical exam. That’s when I found out that I needed a prescription eyeglasses. Although, during my school year I have always wanting to sit near the classroom blackboard to see the writing. It never appeared to me that I was short sighted. Even when people at a long distance wave at me that I don’t seems to notice them and I end up ignoring them. I never thought that at such an early age my eyes can’t see clearly. I just ignored everything and just carry on with life even reading book in a poor light place. I remember when I was young that my grandmother use to warn me not to read when it’s dark bcos it’s not good for my eyesight. 

Now being a spectacle wearer, at first it seems weird and I hate it sometimes. I thought I look ugly with my eye glasses especially when taking pictures. The flash or the light will reflect on my eye glasses. I have to remove them and it’s also annoying when we have to go swimming. If I remove them it’s blurred but if I wear them, they are no good either when they get wet. One more thing is that when it raining and there is a steam on my glasses and can’t see a thing if it’s get wet. I wish I don’t have to wear glasses if I’m being honest, summer always left me with a mark of my eye glasses on my face if I get more darker. Also wearing make up can be difficult as my mascara will smudge  into my glasses. One more thing, being a spectacle wearer is that I can’t really style my hair with headbands or any accessories as I have to consider my eyeglasses. I feel like there is so much limitation when wearing a glasses but it’s so important with my eyesight. Without them everything is blurred. 

Now I can’t live without them hence I was gutted when I accidentally broke my glasses,  as I end up using my prescription sunglasses indoors and at night time for a few days. That’s because without prescription glasses everything is blurred. I look like a weird person wearing them when it’s raining or dark outside. I even use them while doing food shopping at the supermarket and few people stare at me wondering why am I wearing a sunglasses lol 

Spectacle shopping is hard…especially choosing the right style that will match the shape of my face.
Choosing the right glasses as well can be difficult which always took me longer. It’s the hardest shopping trip for me compare to any sorts of shopping. Specsavers staff were very helpful in helping me find the right pair. They are very hands on and let me choose what I want and took a picture of all the glasses while I was trying them. Based on those pictures I was able to choose what I like best. So in the end, I bought this new glasses which is 2 for £69 and I think they look cool as well except I don’t feel comfortable with them. They seems a bit tight and hurts against the back of my ear and leave mark on the upper side part of my nose. However, it’s nice to know that I can always go back to specsavers to have it adjusted. 

I’m pleased with my new glases in terms of quality, style and price. I just wish I could bear using contact lenses. I Might have to be more creative these days to enjoy using and styling my spectacle. I believe that we can all look good in many different ways. I might as well try to be a spectacle model myself who knows lol  😉

So, what do you think of my new eye glasses? Which one do you prefer? Do you wear eye glases? If so share with me how do you style them. 

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Amy’s surprise Da Vinci Bouquet from prestige flowers

I wanted to surprise Amy on her birthday and I thought the best birthday surprise is to deliver her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Prestige flowers sent a Da Vinci Bouquet for Amy’s birthday. It was beautiful and looks so expensive and posh. Honestly, I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers. It came in a lovely box and inside is the flowers wrapped in luxury paper. Also in the pack is the plant food and care instruction guide and there is also a card (showing the Virgin Mary Da Vinci painting) with a personalised message for the receipent. 

Included in the bouquet are superb Vanda Orchids, magnificent Memory Lane Roses, Calla Liles, Eryngium, Ruscus, Pistacia enhanced with gold wire. The use of this variety of orchid is used to represent the rocky setting highlighted in the Da Vinci painting, the callas are used to signify the unusual use of lighting and flora. The various colours and textures perfectly represent key elements of this painting, namely the angles, hazed sky with pastel shades and golden orbits to represent the finer details shown in the beautiful face of the Virgin. This masterpiece is housed at the National Gallery in London.

I thought Amy deserved to receive some luxury flowers inspired by artwork since she loves arts. And of course she loved it and was really impressed with this bouquet. She was really pleased and happy with these flowers and I think it’s well priced. It will be a special treat for any recipients. I had a good look at it as well before delivering to Amy and it has a beautiful golden leaves, I thought they were plastic but they are real. It’s really captivating. 

Amy sent me these photos below.

Disclosure : I was sent the flowers for the purpose of this blog post. However, my thoughts and opinion are my own including pictures and video unless otherwise stated.