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Beating the winter blues and back to school energy slump

Whenever the kids head back in September I find it’s the sign that winter is coming an not only are the days grey and horrid but the kids head home with a million germs and we get hit by colds (check out my post about avoiding the cold and tips on how to fight it here).  Continue reading “Beating the winter blues and back to school energy slump”

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The Mummy cold; hints and tips

Ok we all know about “man flu”, how at the smallest sniffle the guys are meant to lie on the sofa in a grumbling, feeling sorry for themselves mess (which just for the record my hubby doesn’t do this, he is actually pretty female in his reaction to a cold) so let me explain the mummy cold: no staying in bed late, no sitting on the sofa watching to all day and no rest, we have to suck it up and get on with it. The school run must still be done, everyone still needs feeding and the housework will only go a few hours without being done. 

My temperature is well over 38, my nose won’t stop running, my head throbs with every blink and I am exhausted. 

What an amazing time for Coldzyme to send me their product which prevents the common cold (if you start using it soon enough) or shortens the duration of your cold. It is a mouth spray, 2 squirts to the back of the throat (it doesn’t taste terrible actually) which apparently coats the lining of the throat and acts as a barrier preventing the cold virus from being with the human cells. 

Unfortunately I think I got the sample too late to help me with this cold so I’ve asked my fellow blogger how they treat their colds:

  • Sophia from Tattooed Tealady suggests boiled water with ginger, lemon and honey. Which sounds lush to me!
  • Laura from five little doves suggests Vicks on the feet with socks over. I’ve tried this before and it never works for me but does for the kids, weird!
  • Sinead suggests Chai Tea, not something I’ve tried, but apparently is full of cold busting spices. 
  • I love the idea of this Elderberry cough syrup from bluebearwood
  • Alice from Living with a Jude recommends rooibos, peppermint or ginger tea and a steaming bowl with peppermint in to clear the sinuses. 

I shall report back as to whether the Coldzyme helps clear it quickly, but in the mean time I will go rest and recuperate!

*coldzyme was provided free for trial, but I was not required to write about it I chose to of my own doing. 

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How Much Is Your Health Worth?

At a time where people live longer, staying healthy has never been so important. Living longer is one thing; enjoying life to the fullest is another. Health is at the core of the possibilities and joy that you get in life. Without health, a lot of what you enjoy doing can become a lot more difficult to handle. So this raises the question of how much your health is worth to you, in terms of monetary investment, efforts, time, and involvement in issues of a bigger scale. How much are you ready to invest in preserving your health and make the most of your time on the planet?

Healthy fitness

You are worth the best

First things first, you are in charge of your health. Consequently, you are in charge of finding the best possible ways to maintain or recover it. Since 2015, the NHS allows patients to register to the GP of their choice, even if your home is out of the boundary area for the surgery. It might sound like an irrelevant fact, but it means that you can choose a GP you trust. Additionally, you can also cut the waiting time and the queue by registering as a private patient to the organisation, as it means that you can arrange for a same day appointment. The waiting is exactly what could put your health at risk. The earlier a health condition is diagnosed, the earlier you can get better.

You deserve some escapism

With more and more people suffering from stress-related conditions – from a burnout syndrome to depression – it’s essential to remind yourself of the role of the me time. You do need to take a break from your stressful job or relationship to relax. Stress is an invisible beast that has dreadful consequences on your health. It exhausts you, it makes you worry all the time, and it upsets you.You need to break out of this vicious circle before it eats your sanity away. Your health depends on your ability to take some time for yourself.

You should bother with a healthy lifestyle

If you think that exercising and eating healthy food is for others, then you need to think again, as explains. Your body is the only machine that keeps you alive and healthy. Taking care of it might sound like a chore for some people, but if you don’t, it will deteriorate and will develop faults. Heart weaknesses, diabetes, joint pain, etc. These health conditions are the result of not looking after your body. A healthy lifestyle might sound dull sometimes, but it’s the only way to live to the fullest.

Your health and the planet’s are linked

If you live in a big urban area, you’ve probably noticed some health reactions each time there is a peak of pollution. Red eyes, cough, maybe even slight asthma, these are only some of the effects of pollution on the human body. Some patients have even been known to develop ADHD! The global climate change is also increasing the risk of pollution, and therefore your health risks. It might sound childish but making the planet a greener place is the only guarantee of living a longer and healthier life. Embrace the ecological movement as a way to maintain your health. Being healthy is certainly worth recycling your litter or driving a hybrid car.

Can you make the world a greener place?

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Seasonal Suffering: Staying Healthy Come Rain Or Shine

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s pouring down outside or the sun has made a rare appearance, seasonal illnesses can really take their toll. If you’re keen to stay fighting fit come rain or shine, here are some top tips.

Flu and colds

It may be warm outside now, but the nights have already started to draw in, and before we know it, we’ll be swapping beer gardens and rooftop restaurants for cosy nights on the sofa. With the arrival of cooler weather and grey skies comes the inevitable spike in coughs, colds, and flu. Unfortunately, these viral illnesses tend to spread like wildfire, and if you hear somebody coughing on the train or there have been a few people off sick at work, you can almost guarantee that you’ll wake up with a runny nose and thick head a few days later. Colds and coughs aren’t generally anything to worry about, but if you are at risk of flu, it’s a good idea to consider having a vaccine. You can either see your GP, attend a flu clinic at the surgery or use alternative services like this pharmacy that offers flu vaccinations. If you have asthma, your immune system is compromised, or you are pregnant, you may be invited to have a vaccine. If you’re not on the list, you can still have a vaccination, but you’ll probably have to pay for it. If you are struck down with a winter cold, get plenty of rest, wrap up warm, stock up on vitamins, and take painkillers if you have a high temperature or you feel achy.

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Hay fever

Do you spend the spring and summer months sneezing and wiping the tears that are streaming down your cheeks? Most of us look forward to summer, but if you suffer from hay fever, the arrival of brighter days may not be so welcome. If you have an itchy nose, irritated eyes or a runny nose, and you haven’t been diagnosed with hay fever before, see your doctor. If you do have hay fever, there are lots of different types of medication you can try. Antihistamine tablets are often recommended. They block the body’s immune response when you come across pollen or grass, preventing the release of histamine. This should reduce the severity of your symptoms. You can also buy nasal sprays and eye drops. If you are taking tablets, look out for options that don’t cause drowsiness. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses and to keep your windows closed if you have severe hay fever.

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If you spend most of the year blowing your nose or wiping your eyes, it’s time to banish seasonal suffering for good. If you’re prone to catching colds or you’re at risk of flu in the winter, or you suffer from hay fever in the summer, there are treatments out there. It may not be possible to dodge every cold this winter, but washing your hands on a regular basis and having a flu jab could help you to stay healthy when colder climes arrive. If you’re struggling with hay fever, ask your doctor about therapies or take a trip to your local pharmacy.

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Key Signs You Need An Escape

The word “escape” is so evocative. The idea of being able to cast all of your troubles to one side, forget the world, and just take a little time with your nearest and dearest. Some time to forget about the money worries, the concerns for the future, and keeping your house going and just be you for awhile. It brings to mind relaxation, calmness, and a chance to assess in a world that seems to scream by at a relentless pace.

Escapism is, unfortunately, something that few of us have the chance to do on a regular basis. That’s perhaps not the wisest way of going about things. While we may think that just throwing our heads down, carrying on (keeping calm too, if common memes are to be believed), and hoping to feel better are the ways to handle life, that’s rarely the case.

Sometimes, you need to take a couple of days to retreat from the world. It might just be living a few days unplugged or using the help of New Horizons to fund an impromptu weekend break, but there are always signs it’s high time for you to escape. If any of these sound a little too close for comfort, then making the space in your life for an escape – be it big or small – should immediately shoot to the top of your to-do list.

1) You Wake Up Tired

Tiredness is a sign that you’re struggling to cope. In fact, it can be one of the most obvious symptoms if your body is under too much stress. Sleep is when we’re meant to regenerate and get ready for the day ahead; if that’s not happening, then you have to question why. The chances are you have too much on your plate and you need to scale back for awhile.

2) You Worry More Than You Relax

If advice gurus are meant to be believed, we should all have our lives planned down to the finest details. We should keep lists, precise diaries, and always know what we’re doing when – that’s meant to be the secret to happiness. If, however, you find yourself constantly planning and fretting – be it about finances, your home, or your children – then it’s a sign you’re struggling to switch off and relax.

3) You’re Easily Upset

When we’re running on empty (so to speak), we humans find it harder to regulate our emotions. Everything is just far more raw; our emotions closer to the surface. If you find yourself going through a phase of being prone to overreacting, or losing your temper where you normally would have kept your cool, then consider that a signifier that some time out is definitely going to be needed.

With all that said, of course it’s not easy to just persuade yourself to step back from life for a few days. Work isn’t going to do itself; your finances aren’t going to learn to self-manage; and you probably have a to-do list that always seems to get longer rather than shorter. Nevertheless, your mental health and sense of well-being is precious – so if the need is there, escaping (even just for a little while) could be the very best decision you make.

If only it was as simple as pushing a button, hey?


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Healthy transformation : inspiring story of my friends’ weight loss. 

I can’t help myself but to admire two of my friends journey in losing weight. I have seen them at their biggest and at their new healthier transformation. I’m sharing their story to motivate myself and inspire others as well. I have asked them to share their story, struggles and motivations in achieving their goal to a healthier lifestyle.


First one I would like to introduce to you is my friend Rose. She is good at cooking so she definitely loves food. She used to be a size uk 12/14 and 70kilos. 3 months ago, she decided that she needed to make a change with her eating habits. According to her, she used to eat junk food, fatty food, and always go for McDonald’s and KFC whenever she could. She would also eat her children’s left over as she felt bad that food was being wasted.

She said that it was a struggle to start with, her motivation was to look at her photos of when she was big, she said that she felt fat and very unhealthy.

She changed her diet and cut down on all junk food such as crisp, chocolates, coke, cake, fatty foods and she just throws away any leftover food. She also start counting her calories and only eats up to 2000 calories per day.

Her breakfast is coffee and cereal bar, snack would be fruit. Main meal is skinless chicken breast either grilled or steam fish and vegetable. She doesn’t eat fried foods anymore only steamed and grilled. She also gave up rice and she said that she has a strict rules. She can’t eat anything after 6pm and she said that she is fine with it. She also started exercising either going to the gym or exercise at home through YouTube. Within 3 months of changing her lifestyle, she has quickly lost weight.

I was surprised when I saw her for a catch up as she really slimmed down. She definitely much happier now and she feels much healthier too.

I asked her what made her start dieting and exercising. She said that it’s her pictures that really got to her. Looking at her photos she feel like she neglected herself. She said that she never thought she could do it. Everytime she is tempted she always think that it will make her fat again if she lost control. She’s now maintaining herself and living a healthier lifestyle.


Next is my friend Ana. They own a pub so it’s really easy to just eat anything she wants since they have a chef. I have met her when she was a size 12/14 as she came and buy clothes from me whenever I have a clear out. When she was trying clothes on  they are tight on her, I think that’s when she decided to make a change.

She said that her weight is becoming out of control. She started going to the gym and bought fitness equipment to use at home as well. She really got into fitness, it’s her dream to be a fitness instructor one day. She told me that she really researched healthy food and exercise. She said that it’s all down to what we’re eating which makes us unhealthy. But also activity, we need to burn fat and calories by exercising or being active.

Dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself, according to her you should not miss a meal. She started having breakfast ,for example porridge, then lunch would be grilled or steamed meat/fish plus vegetable. She also stop drinking coffee and coke and switched to just water. She is now around Size uk 6/8 and has achieved a very slim yet well toned body figure.

She said that she doesn’t deny herself treats because she exercises everyday, which means whatever she eats she will burn it off.  She also said that your metabolism works properly if you don’t miss a meal.

I’m so happy for both of my friends. They have done well and proved that anything is possible if you have a strong will to make a change in your life.

Honestly I’m considering a change to my lifestyle as well, I don’t have discipline when it comes to food. I just eat anything i want from junk food to sweets and takeaways. I also don’t exercise because I’m far too busy with everything. My exercising is doing household chores and running errands plus I’m working which involves physical activity. I’m just lucky to have a fast metabolism though it’s not an excuse. My diet is very unhealthy which makes me feel guilty. I also need to stretch myself as my body aches very easily and I want to improve my body posture.

You probably think I’m fine but the picture doesn’t do justice, I’m just good at hiding my belly or imperfections. I’m inspired by my friends stories and seeing them achieve their goals makes me feel motivated. If they can do it then I’m sure I can too. It’s not that I want to be slim like a model but I want to be healthier and to tone my body and have more energy. I get tired easily and stressed. I do really need a healthy transformation.

So, what do you say? Are you inspired or motivated? Or do you have a healthy transformation story too? Please feel free to share with us and let’s make the world a better place, to inspire each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Forgotten Pregnancy Issues You Should Keep in Mind When You’re Expecting

There’s going to be a lot on your plate when you are pregnant. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of people forget about some issues. However, your pregnancy will be much easier on you if you know exactly what’s going to be in store for you.

The forgotten pregnancy issues discussed below are among the most important of all. You need to make sure that you understand them all and prepare how you’re going to deal with them. It’s not good to let these things take you by surprise and make your pregnancy any more stressful than it already has to be. Continue reading “Forgotten Pregnancy Issues You Should Keep in Mind When You’re Expecting”