Top tips in choosing a party dress

It’s the time of the year again when Christmas is fast approaching and you know what is that mean? Party party party….so shopping for a party dress is on the list.

I honestly love dresses and I have loads in my wardrobe that I always end up confused as to what to wear when I get invited to special occasions such as a Christmas party.

Choosing the right party dress can be daunting if you feel like nothing suits your body shape, style or budget. For me, I like to look around and one of my favourite place to look at is the party dresses from quiz. One of my favourite dresses I wore at Christmas was from them.

Quiz offers a great selection of dresses so there is something for everyone. When it comes to an evening party, you could never go wrong with sequin dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Make other women green with envy with this beautiful green sequin dress.

Royal blue definitely gives a wow factor to any body shape either a skinny or with curve.

Be the lady in red and look sizzling hot with this style. This remind me of the dress I wore on a Christmas party with friends.

Be that elegant lady in navy and look divine in either short or maxi dress.

Gold will makes you look like a million dollar goddess and this remind me of one gold sequins dress I wore one new year.

With so many choices nowadays, dress shopping can be a nightmare. Don’t worry because finding that perfect dress is now easy with this tips from my fellow bloggers who shared their ideas for choosing the right party dress.

Katie from Mummy in a tutu said, In person shopping can be stressful. Order a few dresses online and then try them on in the comfort of your own home. Then just return the ones you don’t like. Simples.

Hayley from Devon Mama said, Try sitting down in it as well, I’ve had so many dresses that are lovely when stood up but SO uncomfortable to sit in – definitely something to bear in mind for a party that involves eating!

Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful said, Think comfort. Parties can be stressful too so don’t put in an added pressure via a dress that’s annoying

Lynette from Reclusive Fox said, Wear the dress that you’re most comfortable in. At the very least you don’t want to be dealing with sequins sticking in your boobs! If you’re comfortable you’re more likely to forget about the outfit and focus on the fun of the night.

Emma from The Money Whisperer said, Can you see the Spanx through it 😂 (essential nowadays!)

Laura from Five Little Doves said, Always think about what kind of bra you can wear with it! My days of going bra-less are over after 5 kids!

Holly from Thrifty Mum said, Is it something you’ll wear more than once? Otherwise it might be worth renting a dress instead.

Naomi from Not a perfect parent said, There are always plenty of dresses in a sale, It’s always my first go to place now. I managed to pick up the dress for my daughter’s christening for a bargain £9 that had been reduced from £70!!

Clare from Wild Mama Wild tribe said, Order lots and try on with a friend in nice natural light and a glass of wine! not a grotty changing room then use free returns to send bad ones back

Nyomi from Nomi Palony said, Take photos of you wearing the dress – often, how something looks on camera is not the same as in the flesh.

Debbie from My Boys Club said, Don’t get hung up on the size on the label – go for the one that fits.

Clare from Emmys Mummy said, Wrap style dresses are very forgiving and go for patterns or darker colours as they hide and spilt drinks by the end if the night lol

Folakemi from Peacocks can fly said, Try several and ensure they blend with the accessories,heels and the bra you intend to use with it. if it feels uncomfortable it probably looks uncomfortable.

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Xtava curling wand review

My hair is naturally straight so a bit of curling wand can give it a volume and style sometimes. It’s my first time to try xtava brand. It comes on it own packaging which looks presentable and would make a great gift.

The pack content included a travelling bag, heat resistant glove to protect your skin from getting burn. Everything you need to know is in the user manual. The wand or barrel appeared to be a bit thick compare to other curling wand. This is the only thing I can fault because it’s difficult to reach the back of your hair especially if you have a short length.

You can turn it on & off at the middle button and you can control the temperature with the left and right arrow button. The temperature does heat up quickly. It does provide a good quality of curl which is nice. I thought it’s a good value of money for its price of £20 at Amazon ( price at time of this review ) I’m pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it. Check out my video review on YouTube.

Disclaimer : I was sent the xtava curling wand for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinion are my own.

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Throw A FANGTASTIC Halloween Bash


Halloween is only a few weeks away, and many of us are running to the supermarkets to buy the perfect pumpkin to carve, plenty of candy for trick or treaters… and of course decorations for a party! Planning parties can be a little stressful, but mostly fun because you get to play around with idea and be as creative as you want.

The secret to throwing the spookiest party you can is to first plan the following things:

· Date and Time

· Who’s Invited

· Theme

· Scary or Fun?

· Food Options

The easiest place to hold a party is at home. You can decorate your whole house to feel like a haunted house, knock up some scary recipes in your cozy plan kitchen rand make the most of playing hostess for the night. You will be able to create the perfect ambience for your SPOOKTACULAR and keep all of your guests entertained!

To really add to the creepy atmosphere of a Halloween bash, why not hold it in your garden? You can set up a gazebo and hang up skeletons on the trees to scare people as they approach the house.

Some simple treats you could make can include:

· Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

· Spooky S’Mores Dip (paint the marshmallows to look like ghosts)

· Ladies Fingers (Sponge fingers and Jelly)

· Witches Cauldron Punch

Once you’ve decided on everything you want to create for your Halloween bash and who you’d like to invite, it’s time to decide whether you want a theme or not. Themed parties are fun and take everyone back to their childhoods, so this is a great option for you and will help you decide what kind of decorations and games to play.

GHOST : The simplest theme you can have involves everyone dressing up as a ghost. It could be a full glow in the dark costume or an old bed sheet, the choice is yours.

MOVIE MONSTERS : There have been some very iconic horror movies in the last few decades, and giving your guests free reign might give you some fun surprises. Someone will no doubt dress up as Pennywise, and don’t be shocked if you see a few Dracula’s and Freddy Krueger’s around.

CLOWNS! : If you don’t like clowns (we don’t blame you) then this theme is not for you. The theme is broad so you could end up with some cute, fun clowns and some that look downright evil.

VAMPIRES : Excusing Twilight from the list, vampires can be menacing and evil creatures. A vampire theme would involve lots of bats, coffins and BLOOD (strawberry sauce or wine for the adults)

ANCIENT EGYPT : Egypt is full to the brim of mythical creatures, Pharaohs and Mummies to make for a colourful and crazy party. Just make sure that you make room for some pyramids in the backyard.

MOVIE PARTY: Movies are always a great choice for a party. You could go for a magical Harry Potter theme, choose something more galactic like Star Wars, or even go full Superhero and have a Marvel theme

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Colour Freedom Hair Dye!!

Last year we dyed Bethany’s hair at the start of the summer, that way she can have it bright and colourful and we have plenty of time for it to wash out before school starts up. This year she asked to dye it again, I think it’s becoming a bit of a tradition!

We use the Colour Freedom hair dyes from Superdrug, the ones we have are Pink Pizazz and Mystic Purple. I chose these as they don’t have any harsh chemicals or peroxides in and last 6-10 washes which is perfect for us. They also produce lovely bright colours and are really easy to apply and “play with”. The colours I used were from last years tubes, storing them a year, while open hasn’t effected them at all. 

Bethany is fairly blonde to start with, so I don’t need to lighten her hair before applying, last year I applied pink to the tips and purple further up so she had an ombré effect, this year she wanted pink tips and 2 purple streaks. 

Check out our video here

As always it came out looking great!!

So much so I did mine too, what do you think?!

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How to make it fun to wear eye glasses 

I started wearing prescription glasses when I learnt to drive. It’s a necessity that I have had no choice but to learn to accept that it’s a part of my everyday life now.

I’m happy that I can now see clearly but I feel like there is a lot of reasons not to love it. 

First is when taking pictures, you can see reflection on eyeglasses and that I can’t show the beauty of my eyes anymore unless I remove them for every picture.

Next is that it’s so annoying when it’s raining as you get drops on them plus if the heater is on during the winter it gets blurry.

And if I go swimming, I can’t take them off otherwise i can’t see well but it means I can’t swim underwater because if they get wet it’s blurry as well so I can’t really enjoy swimming. 

Most of all, I feel like I can’t style them. I really want hair accessories but since becoming a spectacle wearer, I just tie my hair back. I like headbands and other bow and hair clips but I feel like it won’t suit me.

I have asked my fellow blogger how to make it fun to wear glasses. Here is what they have to say:

I think just wear your hair or clothes as you would when you’re not wearing your glasses. I wear a mixture of contact lenses and glasses, depending on my mood each day, but I wouldn’t dress any differently when wearing my glasses. You can also get so many fashion frames now, much more of a huge choice to when I first had to wear glasses 20 years ago, that you can incorporate your style into your glasses frames 🙂 www.lyliarose. 

I’m totally with you on this one! I much prefer to wear my contacts for this reason! For me, I tend to only wear my hair down when I’ve got my glasses on, even if slightly clipped away from my face. Also don’t forget the eye make up, as that seems to make a BIG difference to how I feel!

I struggle with mine too – I’m a -6.5 prescription which means my glasses make my eyes look really small even with thinner lenses. I tend to wear my contacts mainly for this reason (and the fact I can see the ‘edges’ which you can’t with glasses) earrings look awful on me if I have glasses on, things just clash. If you are short sighted then wearing eye makeup that opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger works best (outer eyeliner and a pale colour on the waterline) where’s long sighted glasses wearers can balance things out by wearing a darker colour on the water line to make the eyes look a little smaller. Personally I find I look better with my hair up with my glasses on, but I think everyone is different there.

I just do what I’d do if I wasn’t wearing them. They’re just part of me. I also like to think of myself as having some sexy geek chic thing going on! Probably totally off, but it’s what I tell myself!!

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What it’s like to be a spectacle wearer? My new eye glasses from specsavers 

The difference of having with or without glasses.

I decided to start wearing glasess when I realised I couldn’t read the plate number of the car when I was asked at my first driving practical exam. That’s when I found out that I needed a prescription eyeglasses. Although, during my school year I have always wanting to sit near the classroom blackboard to see the writing. It never appeared to me that I was short sighted. Even when people at a long distance wave at me that I don’t seems to notice them and I end up ignoring them. I never thought that at such an early age my eyes can’t see clearly. I just ignored everything and just carry on with life even reading book in a poor light place. I remember when I was young that my grandmother use to warn me not to read when it’s dark bcos it’s not good for my eyesight. 

Now being a spectacle wearer, at first it seems weird and I hate it sometimes. I thought I look ugly with my eye glasses especially when taking pictures. The flash or the light will reflect on my eye glasses. I have to remove them and it’s also annoying when we have to go swimming. If I remove them it’s blurred but if I wear them, they are no good either when they get wet. One more thing is that when it raining and there is a steam on my glasses and can’t see a thing if it’s get wet. I wish I don’t have to wear glasses if I’m being honest, summer always left me with a mark of my eye glasses on my face if I get more darker. Also wearing make up can be difficult as my mascara will smudge  into my glasses. One more thing, being a spectacle wearer is that I can’t really style my hair with headbands or any accessories as I have to consider my eyeglasses. I feel like there is so much limitation when wearing a glasses but it’s so important with my eyesight. Without them everything is blurred. 

Now I can’t live without them hence I was gutted when I accidentally broke my glasses,  as I end up using my prescription sunglasses indoors and at night time for a few days. That’s because without prescription glasses everything is blurred. I look like a weird person wearing them when it’s raining or dark outside. I even use them while doing food shopping at the supermarket and few people stare at me wondering why am I wearing a sunglasses lol 

Spectacle shopping is hard…especially choosing the right style that will match the shape of my face.
Choosing the right glasses as well can be difficult which always took me longer. It’s the hardest shopping trip for me compare to any sorts of shopping. Specsavers staff were very helpful in helping me find the right pair. They are very hands on and let me choose what I want and took a picture of all the glasses while I was trying them. Based on those pictures I was able to choose what I like best. So in the end, I bought this new glasses which is 2 for £69 and I think they look cool as well except I don’t feel comfortable with them. They seems a bit tight and hurts against the back of my ear and leave mark on the upper side part of my nose. However, it’s nice to know that I can always go back to specsavers to have it adjusted. 

I’m pleased with my new glases in terms of quality, style and price. I just wish I could bear using contact lenses. I Might have to be more creative these days to enjoy using and styling my spectacle. I believe that we can all look good in many different ways. I might as well try to be a spectacle model myself who knows lol  😉

So, what do you think of my new eye glasses? Which one do you prefer? Do you wear eye glases? If so share with me how do you style them.