How you can be more Environmentally Friendly in the Workplace

You all know I work for an eco friendly company which recycled emulsion paint, so we like to run things as eco friendly as possible.

As offices go, they generally have a bit of a reputation for being a little taxing on the environment. With all of that used and wasted paper lying around, the computers running 24/7 and the majority of staff driving into work, it’s fair to say that offices and workspaces are guilty of emitting their fair share of carbon emissions. However, there are subtle, small changes that can be made in the workplace that can have a huge, positive impact on the environment

Change your Commute

A lot of people drive into the office purely for convenience. Granted, it’s fast and easy, and some people commute so far they have no other alternative, but if you stop to think about how much driving costs and the impact it has on the environment, you might stop and think twice about jumping in your car in the mornings. Why not stop and think about your commute. Could you walk it? Even if it took 20 minutes each way, you could get up a little earlier and have a really positive impact on your health (as well as save yourself a fair few quid!) If it’s too far to walk (most offices are) then how about cycling? Failing that, could you jump the bus or train? If more people got public transport, carbon emissions (and traffic!) would be hugely reduced. If you have to drive, how about switching to an eco friendly car like I did?! How can you do your bit?

Document Scanning and Cloud Storage

How many offices are filled with unknown pieces of paper, lying around in filing cabinets with no one really sure where they have come from or what their purpose is? If this sounds familiar to you then you are probably aware of how annoying it can get when things go missing or haven’t been followed up. The wastage of paper also has a huge impact on the environment and is something that desperately needs to be cut down in most workplaces. Document scanning is a great solution to using less paper and is also a way of making sure no important documents are misplaced or forgotten about as there will be digital copies saved into your storage system. When printing, why not select the ‘double-sided’ option and save that extra piece of paper?

Waste Less

Whilst you might think this has more to do with your lifestyle rather than your workplace habits, you will be surprised at the amount of wastage in the office. I’m sure you’re all accustomed to forgotten about food that sits in the fridges and cupboards until someone can be bothered to throw it away, often being left until a suspicious smell emulates from the kitchen area. Do not be that person that buys a load of food and forgets about it. Fill the fridge with things that you will need for the week (whether that be tupperwares of meal preparation from home, or supermarket ingredients to freshly put your lunch together) and buy a few nutritious snacks to sit at your desk. If you know you’re not going to eat something before it goes bad, remember to take it home and throw it in your dinner or even ask someone else if they will make use of it. The greenest way to eat at work is to bring your lunch in reusable containers and quit buying plastic bags at the supermarket! If you’re a business owner/in charge of office supplies, be sure not to over-buy on things like milk, and gather a rough idea of how much you go through on average, so less is being wasted.

Get some Office Plants

Not only does a bit of greenery liven things up and improve everyone’s mood (a happy office is a motivated one!) they also filter the air for a healthy working environment. Getting a few potted plants won’t break the bank and will also contribute to your offices décor, giving a modern, minimalistic vibe that is also a friendly and welcome space for clients. Just remember to water them!

Switch things off!

It’s amazing how many people rush home at the end of a busy day and forget to switch off their computer, leave their desk lights on and the radio still playing. We all know the amazing feeling of finishing work at the end of the day and yes, we all want to run as far away from the office as possible – think of all the energy that is wasted overnight whilst no one is around? If you’re last out of the office or responsible for locking up then make sure that anything that doesn’t need to be on…is off. You’ll be amazed at how much you save on bills as well! 

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How Much Is Your Health Worth?

At a time where people live longer, staying healthy has never been so important. Living longer is one thing; enjoying life to the fullest is another. Health is at the core of the possibilities and joy that you get in life. Without health, a lot of what you enjoy doing can become a lot more difficult to handle. So this raises the question of how much your health is worth to you, in terms of monetary investment, efforts, time, and involvement in issues of a bigger scale. How much are you ready to invest in preserving your health and make the most of your time on the planet?

Healthy fitness

You are worth the best

First things first, you are in charge of your health. Consequently, you are in charge of finding the best possible ways to maintain or recover it. Since 2015, the NHS allows patients to register to the GP of their choice, even if your home is out of the boundary area for the surgery. It might sound like an irrelevant fact, but it means that you can choose a GP you trust. Additionally, you can also cut the waiting time and the queue by registering as a private patient to the organisation, as it means that you can arrange for a same day appointment. The waiting is exactly what could put your health at risk. The earlier a health condition is diagnosed, the earlier you can get better.

You deserve some escapism

With more and more people suffering from stress-related conditions – from a burnout syndrome to depression – it’s essential to remind yourself of the role of the me time. You do need to take a break from your stressful job or relationship to relax. Stress is an invisible beast that has dreadful consequences on your health. It exhausts you, it makes you worry all the time, and it upsets you.You need to break out of this vicious circle before it eats your sanity away. Your health depends on your ability to take some time for yourself.

You should bother with a healthy lifestyle

If you think that exercising and eating healthy food is for others, then you need to think again, as explains. Your body is the only machine that keeps you alive and healthy. Taking care of it might sound like a chore for some people, but if you don’t, it will deteriorate and will develop faults. Heart weaknesses, diabetes, joint pain, etc. These health conditions are the result of not looking after your body. A healthy lifestyle might sound dull sometimes, but it’s the only way to live to the fullest.

Your health and the planet’s are linked

If you live in a big urban area, you’ve probably noticed some health reactions each time there is a peak of pollution. Red eyes, cough, maybe even slight asthma, these are only some of the effects of pollution on the human body. Some patients have even been known to develop ADHD! The global climate change is also increasing the risk of pollution, and therefore your health risks. It might sound childish but making the planet a greener place is the only guarantee of living a longer and healthier life. Embrace the ecological movement as a way to maintain your health. Being healthy is certainly worth recycling your litter or driving a hybrid car.

Can you make the world a greener place?

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Filipino mango ice candy or ice lolly | #foodiefriday

Since it’s summer, we want something cold and refreshing. It remind me of the filipino style ice candy or similar to ice lolly

So I thought I would try to create one and flavoured it with mango.

Ingredients :

  • Ripe fresh Mango or mango slice from the tin
  • Evaporated milk or water ( optional )
  • Condensed milk 
  • Mango flavourings ( optional )
  • Double cream 
  • Ice candy bag ( bought it from the philippines ) not sure where to get it here in the uk

Procedure :

  • Purée the mango 

  • Add condensed, evaporated milk and double cream to the puréed mango 

  • Blender the mixture and put it in the ice candy bag and freezer it. Once it hardened you can enjoy your flavoured mango ice lolly. It taste like a milkshake or ice cream. The texture is super soft. 

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    Cute ideas to amuse the kids this summer

    Amusing the kids over the summer can be hard work, I love having them off school but the summer holiday is soooo long they get bored easily. So here are a few ideas to entertain them and help you stay sane over the hols:

    Make your own slime or playdoh/salt dough 

    Paint and Grow your own flower garden, this is currently only £5 so get it now! The kids will spend ages painting it and planting the seeds and will enjoy watching them grow. You can even do a bit of learning and discuss how seeds turn into flowers.

    A paddling pool can get boring after a while, so make it more fun by putting sharks, turtles or mermaids in with theme!

    Join us on the Facebook Summer Challenge page for some free ideas of activities to do with your kids, or head to the Mummies Waiting blog for a free sample of her Ultimate Activities Guide, if you like it the whole ebook is only £4.95, it really is amazing.

    Today I am running a treasure hunt for the kids (5 kids aged between 5 to 9), I have a mixture of clues from riddles to puzzles for them to solve. It took me ages to organise all the clues but it has taken them a couple of hours to solve all the clues and the prize at the end is just a couple of lollipops.

    We love heading to pick-your-own, our local one is free to go into and you just pay for the produce you pick and it’s cheaper than getting it from the shops. So we get a mornings activity out in the sun and some yummy fruit. I then like to make fruit muffins with the kids to keep them entertained for the afternoon.

    To make life easier I would suggest leaving drinks and snacks out for the kids so they don’t disturb you constantly all day!

    Good luck, I hope you enjoy your summer holidays too!

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    Seasonal Suffering: Staying Healthy Come Rain Or Shine

    We’ve all been there. Whether it’s pouring down outside or the sun has made a rare appearance, seasonal illnesses can really take their toll. If you’re keen to stay fighting fit come rain or shine, here are some top tips.

    Flu and colds

    It may be warm outside now, but the nights have already started to draw in, and before we know it, we’ll be swapping beer gardens and rooftop restaurants for cosy nights on the sofa. With the arrival of cooler weather and grey skies comes the inevitable spike in coughs, colds, and flu. Unfortunately, these viral illnesses tend to spread like wildfire, and if you hear somebody coughing on the train or there have been a few people off sick at work, you can almost guarantee that you’ll wake up with a runny nose and thick head a few days later. Colds and coughs aren’t generally anything to worry about, but if you are at risk of flu, it’s a good idea to consider having a vaccine. You can either see your GP, attend a flu clinic at the surgery or use alternative services like this pharmacy that offers flu vaccinations. If you have asthma, your immune system is compromised, or you are pregnant, you may be invited to have a vaccine. If you’re not on the list, you can still have a vaccination, but you’ll probably have to pay for it. If you are struck down with a winter cold, get plenty of rest, wrap up warm, stock up on vitamins, and take painkillers if you have a high temperature or you feel achy.

    Image taken from

    Hay fever

    Do you spend the spring and summer months sneezing and wiping the tears that are streaming down your cheeks? Most of us look forward to summer, but if you suffer from hay fever, the arrival of brighter days may not be so welcome. If you have an itchy nose, irritated eyes or a runny nose, and you haven’t been diagnosed with hay fever before, see your doctor. If you do have hay fever, there are lots of different types of medication you can try. Antihistamine tablets are often recommended. They block the body’s immune response when you come across pollen or grass, preventing the release of histamine. This should reduce the severity of your symptoms. You can also buy nasal sprays and eye drops. If you are taking tablets, look out for options that don’t cause drowsiness. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses and to keep your windows closed if you have severe hay fever.

    Image credit

    If you spend most of the year blowing your nose or wiping your eyes, it’s time to banish seasonal suffering for good. If you’re prone to catching colds or you’re at risk of flu in the winter, or you suffer from hay fever in the summer, there are treatments out there. It may not be possible to dodge every cold this winter, but washing your hands on a regular basis and having a flu jab could help you to stay healthy when colder climes arrive. If you’re struggling with hay fever, ask your doctor about therapies or take a trip to your local pharmacy.

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    Living Room Inspiration for Summer

    There is so much I want to do in the house, one of which is refurbishing the lounge, we recently repainted, using our recycled paint in Parchment Cream and now I want to update the rest of the room.

    One thing I love is the blinds we have, we got them from a little place Chichester, they are great quality and have lasted so well with the two child environment and being vertically fitted they don’t gather dust as badly as horizontal blinds.

    I would love to renew our sofa, we have had it 8 years now and it has coped with two babies throwing up on it and spilling milk daily, but now we would like a “grown up” sofa. I love sofa shopping and Fishpools have some lovely collections, I adore the Isabelle range of corner sofas, we are definitely going for a corner sofa this time.

    Storage is important, especially with children around, somewhere to put the toys without looking like its full of toys. These unit boxes are great it keeps the toys tidy and the kids can take one box at a time and tidy up before they get the next box out. Check back to our blog in a few weeks as we will be giving away one of these units. 

    I love floating shelves for displaying ornaments, keeps them out of the kids reach but without the messy brackets holding them up.

    A bright rug like this Darcy Rug from Littlewoods would look great in our lounge, the bold red would look fab against our dark wooden flooring and the flower pattern would help hide the dog and cat hair which inevitable always coats our flooring!

    What are your lounge décor plans? Do you dream of redecorating like me?

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    Quick and simple make up routine

    Being a busy working mum, make up is not my priority hence I don’t use make up everyday. I don’t have the time to do so, but if I ever have a spare time, my make up routine is very quick and simple.

    1. I use BB cream not foundation because BB cream is mostly all in one. I will tell you the difference between BB cream and foundation based from the Internet.

    BB Cream
    Depending on the company selling it, “BB” either stands for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm.” It actually does the job of several of your favorite products, including
    Facial serum
    Tinted moisturizer
    What’s made BB creams so popular is their all-in-one approach. Each label has its own formula, but many are designed to do everything from healing acne to minimizing wrinkles and dark spots. As far as coverage goes, BB creams fall somewhere between tinted moisturizer and foundation.

    BB creams are known for giving you a dewy, airbrushed look. They’re great for days when you want a little coverage but don’t want to look “made up” — when you’re visiting the beach, for instance. Just remember that SPF ratings are based on a generous application. If you’re applying BB cream sparingly, you’re not going to get the full protection, so you’ll want to wear sunscreen, too.

    The are even more variations in foundation than in BB creams. In general, while most foundations contain sunscreen, they don’t actually improve your skin the way BB creams do. On the other hand, they provide better coverage. If you want to conceal blemishes and blotchiness or add a little color — or if you just prefer a matte finish — you’ll probably want to stick with foundation. Just remember that you’ll still need to use moisturizer and sunscreen.

    2. I use any baby or face powder. Loose powder is great on the go. It keeps you fresh and you can apply anytime you want.

    3. Blusher, nowadays blusher can be multipurpose. I use it for my cheek and as eyeshadow just for a bit of glow look.

    4. I personally recommend 3D mascara when it comes to lengthening of your lashes. I also like to curl my eyelashes before and after applying mascara. It does open my eyes more and make them look bigger.

    5. Any lipstick or lipgloss would do just to put a bit of colour.

    So that’s it’s, quick and simple make up routine. No fuss and not complicated. If you are like me who want everything quick and easy then this is for you. I don’t want to put too much stuff on my face. I just want to freshen up my look whenever I have time, otherwise I still prefer natural look.

    Remember ” Beauty is in the eye of beholder ”

    Here is an example of my quick and easy make up routine.

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    Cloudhoppers – making maths fun!

    I have mentioned before how jack (6) is not a fan of learning but actually it is bethany (8) who dislikes maths. I was offered the maths based game “cloud hoppers” which is an addition and subtraction game aimed at 6 years plus, I thought bethany may find it fairly simple and it might encourage her to be more confident and that jack, who has a more natural talent for maths, would enjoy the challenge the game posed.

    Available to purchase for £16.99 from Amazon

    You start the game with 2 aliens in the space ship and roll the 10 sided dice, you then have to work out your move based on the space number you are on minus the dice roll the spaces aren’t in number order so you have to use mental arithmetic to work it out. The aim is to get both aliens to square 20, there are spaces to aim for or avoid on the way down so you have to look ahead and decide which of your pieces to move.

    It is actually quite a difficult task to do the sums in your head, in the end I got a number line from Jack’s school bag so the kids could use that rather than doing the sums mentally.

    This would be a great game for a school or for a home schooling parent, however it didn’t work well for my children; by the time they have had a day at school they come home wanting to play games and they didn’t find doing maths fun. They loved the concept of the game but they lost interest in doing the maths and I had to do all the sums (poor mummy’s brain!), but they loved playing the game and enjoyed working out which piece to move.

    This game would be really good for an educational environment, if you want a fun way to encourage learning addition and subtraction of high numbers (adding or taking off 1-9 on numbers up to 50) then this game is perfect. It is easy to understand and lovely and colourful!

    *Please note, item was provide free for review, but this has not affected my opinion and all words are my own. Affiliate links have been used on this post.

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    Arthur Price Minion themed dinner set

    Jack is an absolute fan of Minions so these Arthur price cutlery and dinner plates sets are a perfect gift for him. The plate sets is proper bone china and comes in a choice of options; so that you can choose whether to get the plate the cup the bowl or a mixture of all of them and the cutlery is it is a lovely gift box with knife, fork, desert spoon and teaspoon.

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    5 tips for a summer holiday in Florida

    As you know I have just got back from a fabulous trip to Florida. Florida in June is hot and humid, not just warm but very very hot. Most days the temperature reached 36 degrees celcius but by late afternoon (4-6pm ish) there is usually a thunder storm with huge downpour. 

    Here are my tips for getting the most from your Florida trip;

    Tips for the heat:

    • Buy a cool towel from Walmart, they are cheap at around $5 and stay wet most of the day, they are great round your neck for keeping you cool
    • Wet rides! Make the most of your time in the parks by going on wet rides every few hours to cool off or if you don’t do rides hit the splash zones

    Tips for avoiding the rain:

    • Get up early and start your day. Lounging in bed wastes the dry morning, as much as we all love having lie ins when on holiday it is better to avoid the rain by getting out early. 
    • Take a pac-a-mac jacket with you, you can only get ponchos in America and unfortunately they get ripped really easily and once they have been wet a few times they stink!

    My final tip is if you go as a couple like we did:

    • Use the single rider queues. Often you only have to wait 10-15 minutes for the ride and, personally, 2/3 times we used them we still got on together. 

    Do you have any more tips for enjoying Orlando? Please share!