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Zombies, Run! App review, immersive story for running/walking #triedtested

I like doing for a run every now and then, I’m not very serious about it and not very good at it. The best I can normally manage is about 4km and I walk at least half of it haha.

I adore zombie films and the Walking Dead type series on TV so when I heard about a new app out which is essentially a running app based on a zombie storyline I just had to try it!

It is free to download, which is always good, and can be used for walking or running. You do have to register with it, which didn’t take long and then you link it up to your playlist and you can start using it right away. You select how long you want to run for, or how many km if you prefer and turn on the zombie chases.

The storyline is a zombie apocalypse is currently going on and you are a survivor. You get a couple of minutes of story, followed by a few tracks from your playlist, then more story and more songs etc.

The further you run the more “supplies” you gather, when the zombies swarm you the radio guy instructs you to run faster.If you don’t run fast enough the zombies get closer and eventually you “drop” something to distract them or you manage to evade them and keep all your supplies. In my 4km I met 3 zombie swarms which I had to sprint away from.

The story is great fun, I can’t wait to go running again so I can hear the next part of the story.

The app tracks your route, time and distance etc, in the same way a normal running app does.

I would completely recommend this app, it is so much fun and really does encourage you to get out there more often, run for further than normal and run faster than normal (at least you do when the zombies are chasing you!). They also do a 5k training version, this however costs £1.99 so I haven’t tried it myself. You can set your distance on the normal app, so I don’t think the training version is really needed.

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The REAL Motherhood Challenge

I have seen lots of posts going around on facebook for “the motherhood challenge”, post 3 photos which make you happy to be a mother and nominate people who you think are great mothers. First of all nobody nominated me…does that say something about my mothering abilities? But mostly my thoughts were of those Mums (and Dads) who are struggling and how skewed facebook is; with loads of pictures of happy smiling families makes you sit and think “am I doing something wrong?” if your kids aren’t happy and smiley all the time. I’ll let you into a secret: no children are happy all the time, in fact they are little horrors most of the time.

So I have chosen some more realistic photos to share with you.


This is me most of the time: tired, no make up and in baggy sweatshirt and joggers (or in this case a dressing gown, but you get the idea)


I don’t even remember why my kids were crying at me this day. I had probably told them they had to come off the iPads, or they need to eat dinner before pudding.

Kids cry and often for little or no reason.


This is the worst! When your babies are ill and you cannot do anything to help them, they are begging for your help but all you can do is offer a hug. Heart-breaking!


She came downstairs cranky, I don’t know why. Maybe something going on at school, or maybe she just didn’t sleep well. But boy was she in a mood with me!


When they sleep on you and you have a million things to do but can’t get on because they kid needs you as a pillow and they wake up and cry if you move.

Life isn’t all buttercups and fairies with children, life is hard. You are not alone if you are struggling, talk to someone, they will understand and if they are a friend they won’t judge you, they will just support you.

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Review of The Beauty Shop by Suzy Henderson, 2016, WW2 Fiction

Stella is an British girl who falls for an American Pilot (John “Mac” Mackenzie). During a mission Mac’s plane has some problems and ends up crash landing causing a fire to break out. Mac survives, a hero, but is severely burned in the process. He ends up in Dr Archibald “Archie” McIndoe’s hospital which is nicknamed the Beauty Shop, where Archie performs groundbreaking plastic surgery to help these young heroes recover.
This book is a wonderful, heartwarming romance set in the exciting, yet terrifying times of WW2.

Stella is a strong, independent young lady, who thinks of everyone’s interests before her own, which leads to some misunderstandings. Mac is a traditional patriotic American solider, who came over here to help win this war and it is always top most on his mind that doing his duty is most important.

The Characters were well written and easy to relate to, they have a good depth and history to them which helps you understand why they do what they do.

I have never read a WW2 story before, but I certainly will be after this, especially if Ms Henderson writes any others around Stella and Mac or perhaps another Beauty Shop solider. What I liked most was that the Beauty Shop and Dr Archie did actually exist and did help these injured young men in WW2.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others, whether they are fans of WW2 fiction or not.

I give this book a 5/5, it kept me reading all the way through, I didn’t struggle through any parts of it and really enjoyed the storyline and the characters.

Book available from Amazon:


*note: I received this book free in exchange for a review, all words and opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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Hassleback potatoes #foodiefriday

These potatoes are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Amazing!

Potatoes (new potatoes work best)


Olive oil

Slice the potatoes as low as you can without slicing through

Melt the butter and mix with some olive oil. Roll the potato in the butter/oil mix

Place on a baking tray, sliced side up and pour the remaining butter/oil mix

Roast in the oven (180 degree c) for an hour.

So easy and so yummy!

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Our Miss universe top 10 favourites | #65thmissuniverse 

Miss universe is happening in the Philippines and since I was born there, I’m joining the party in talking about miss universe lol 

Filipinos love miss universe and we love supporting our country’s representative. And because I’m already a British citizen and live here in the U.K. that I will automatically support Miss Great Britain as well as Miss Philippines. All the ladies are beautiful and unique on their own way and I must admit, even me I find it difficult to choose my fave. 

Anyway here our top 10 favourites on 65th miss universe 

There is something unique about Maxine, it’s like…she can always surprise you. Her beauty is very filipina, it’s like Maria Clara type as we call. She seems sweet, shy but very beautiful as you get to know her more. It’s like you want to know her more and that’s what I feel everytime I check the miss universe’s page and update. Her beauty is like ” mahinhin ” which translate “ladylike” in English. People bash her ability in expressing herself in English language. But personally, my English is not perfect as well. Even though we speak English in the Philippines, still it’s our second language. I think what matters most is that, as long as we can communicate in English then it should be fine. I know English grammar is very important but we can always learn to improve it. 

I find Miss Britain Jamie naturally beautiful. She is very charming and elegant and classy as mostly English ladies I have met. If only British people would support her to win I’m sure she can. British people is not very keen on beauty contest but they love football. However, I can see Filipinos in the uk already supporting her so thats nice. I wish her all the best. 

Omg! Miss Thailand…there is something about her that can’t take my eyes off. I can see her one of the strongest contender. Her charm is very sexy, alluring but sweet as well. She stand out from the crowd. I think some beauties are like that. The way they carry themselves makes them even more appealing in the eye and that’s how I find Miss Thailand. 

Omg miss Colombia, her beauty is fierce and just attractive. Her fun character is added bonus because it makes her even more appealing. She seems to have a good strong personality as well and some of her photos appeared to be a Jennifer Lopez lookalike. Colombia always sending a confidently beautiful representative. Amy find her beautiful as well and she is one of her fave. 

Miss Malaysia has a beautiful face and look like a doll sometimes. She appeared fun to be with and have a good personality. I must say, her beauty stand out as well from the crowd. She’s got the charm as well. 

Miss Venezuela is beautiful too. I find her captivating and seems perfect in every way. She’s got a very nice sweet angelic face that kinda charming. I think she one of the strong contender as well. 

What I love about Miss U.S.A is the total package. She is already beautiful but she is very articulate as well and seems smart like Pia Wurtzbach. She does speaks so well and can be a good representative. I’m sure if she get chosen for the question and answer, she will be confidently beautiful to answer the question and has the potential to win. She is good with public speaking and that’s an added beauty points for me.

Miss Nicaragua seems to have a beautiful face but I haven’t watch her talk yet so she can be photogenic as well. Her beauty is different she is just naturally gorgeous and very appealing in this picture. 

Miss Australia does look beautiful, young and innocent and has got an angelic face as well. She seems very sweet and has a very interesting personality. I find Australian people naturally beautiful as well. 

So that’s it, what about you? Do you have a favourites? Please do share with us Or if your not keen, maybe you could atleast support your country’s representative 🙂 

❤ Beauty is in the eye of beholder ❤ 

Good luck to all ladies participating the 65th miss universe. Mabuhay! 

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion or favourites, please don’t feel offended in any way. If you have a fave that your supporting that’s fine but please respect my own opinion. No bashing in this blog post. Thank you! 

There is also a details on each ladies photo on how to vote for them so if you like to support them just vote for them. Thanks! 

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Review of self adhesive silicone invisible strapless bra #triedtested

I’m not one blessed with big boobs and as a general rule I avoid halter-neck or strapless tops. I find strapless bras are the wrong shape: they seem to go to a point (wth?!) or they constantly slip down and you end up with a visible gap between your top and your skin. So when my sister recommended this style of bra I was sceptical to say the least.

They look, and kinda feel, like chicken fillets and when you put them on they feel a bit weird. But actually fitted well and was comfortable to wear and I was really impressed with their ability to add shape and cleavage to my chest.

I tried on two tops, one halter-neck and one strapless to give you an idea of how they changed the look:

The halter top was completely unfitted and really really needed a bra, it looked so much better with the “chicken fillets” on. The strapless dress was a bit more fitted and didn’t look awful without the “fillets”, but they certainly filled it out better and gave me some cleavage.

They are quite sticky and it felt funny peeling them off, but didn’t hurt and didn’t leave any residue on the skin once it was removed. The advice on their website is to not use moisturisers/ powders before use and to wash with mild soap and water after use and towel dry. The adhesive should regenerate and last at least 100 uses.

There are many different suppliers of this style of bra, the one I tested are currently £16.99 on Amazon, which is an amazing price and available on prime, so next day delivery:

Liswic Reusable Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra,Sexy Nubra(N-A/B)

I am a 34B and chose an A/B size which seemed perfect, their measurements are:


cup A/B : (32A) (32B) (34A) (36A) (32C) (34B) (36B) (38A)

cup C : (38B) (34C) (36C) (32D)

cup D : (38C) (34D) (36D) (38D)

I will be happy to buy halter-neck or strapless tops in future with this bra. Love it!

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Bouquet of 12 red roses review from prestige flowers | Valentine’s gift | #triedtested 

I was sent this special 12 red roses bouquet from prestige flower’s range.
Honestly, I got so excited
That feeling of receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers makes me feel so special.
I was impress how quick the delivery was, it really is next day and required the receiver to sign which makes it even more special.
This is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for your loved ones, it even comes with a free small truffle chocolate and you can personalised your special message as well in a little note card which is a lovely touch.
It is received in a box with the prestige website printed on it so you know it is flowers. As you open the box, you can see the flower bouquet inside carefully wrapped and put in a gift bag. The gift bag has a long handle on each side so that you can pull the bag out of the box which is good way to avoid any damage to the flowers.
The flower are fresh and arranged beautifully so it looks nice and presentable, it also comes with few vouchers and flower care guide.
When I unwrapped the flowers ready to put in the vase, the stem were all nicely cut and it’s fresh as is still wet at the bottom. As I put them in our dining table, it made me feel special, loved and happy.
The flowers seems to have a positive effect on our moods. Definitely a very nice experience from prestige flowers. I would highly recommend them.
Now that Valentine’s Day is coming, check out their wonderful range of Valentines flowers on offer that will surely delight anyone. It might be the perfect Valentines  gift for your loved ones.
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Disclosure : I was sent this beautiful flowers to try and test however this has not influenced my feedback in any way. All the wording in this review are my own.
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Being dragged out for a walk #livinglifewild

Not a very wild one this week, but still outdoors.

Normally I am the one persuading the kids they want to go for a walk, but this morning it was all the children’s idea.

I was round my parents with them for breakfast; so mum, dad and I had just finished pigging out on a lovely fry up, and the kids pipe up with “we want to go for a walk”. Now to give you an accurate picture it is minus 5 (degrees C) outside and icy, pretty damn chilly!

Not really wanting to dissuade the children we all wrap up warm and head out. To be fair it’s cool out but lovely and sunny.

The children grabbed their bike and scooter and had a lovely walk along the seafront.

It was a bit muddy and inevitably someone slipped over and got covered in mud…no not either of the children, but poor nana went down:

After checking she wasn’t hurt, we did laugh at her and tease her for the rest of the walk!

Even if staying home in the warm seemed like a good idea at the time, it was nice to get out in the fresh air and jack has nearly mastered riding his bike, those stabilisers will be off soon.

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Everything5pounds Shopping Haul!

It is normally Eps who gets caught by the shopping bug, but this week it got me too!

I have a trip away to Florida in June and when I was offered £5 off at Everything5pounds (check out eps post here for your £5 off) I just had to have a look and choose something. Of course one thing never happens so I chose 4 things. But at £5 each you can’t go wrong, right?! I am a pretty average size 10 with a bit of a flabby “mummy tummy” so will try to give you an idea of sizing. 

My first item is my favourite. It is a lovely lightweight, summery dress (available here). The neckline is lovely, not too low cut and the length is just right for me. This will be an every day dress in the summer. I bought the 8-10 in this and there is loads of space so I would say size down if you are unsure. 

The next dress (available here) is slightly smarter, maybe more of an evening dress. Perfect of a night out for a dinner and a show perhaps. The wrap effect of the dress means it hides my “mummy tummy”, which I hate and hangs beautifully. The material isn’t as light weight has the red dress above, and is a bit more clingy so wouldn’t be great for hot sticky climates. 

I bought the 8-10 again and it is pretty tight fitting and clingy, so with this one I would suggest you size up. 

I also chose a casual top, which I am not so sure about. It is a really lovely design, very pretty and the material is a nice qualit (available here). However, the design of the straps mean you cannot wear a normal bra, so you are down to strapless choices or going without, I find strapless so uncomfortable (if anyone has any recommendations I would be happy to hear) and hate going without, so I will have to wear it with a bra and deal with the straps showing. 

Size-wise I got the 8-10 and it is very tight, almost too tight. If postage wasn’t so much in comparison to the item I would return it. I would certainly suggest getting a bigger size on this one. 

My last item is so comfy! This eyelash knit cardigan is really soft and really fluffy, I absolutely love it (available here). It is going to be really useful for throwing in a bag as extra warmth in the evening, it won’t crease and looks lovely with a dress or over jeans. It is nice and long in the sleeves, I hate those which barely reach your wrists and you are forever pulling them down!

I am now a convert: Everything5pounds is amazing! Really good quality for just £5 an item. 

Please note, this post contains affiliate links