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Getting ready for our America trip: Waterproof Camera

As I have already mentioned, my husband and I are off to Florida for 10 days, child free! for our 10th wedding anniversary. One of the attractions we have booked and the one I am most looking forward to is Discovery Cove. We will be swimming with dolphins and tropical fish and relaxing on a lazy river, sun bathing on the beach. I honestly cannot wait!

But what I needed for the trip was a camera which could go in the water. We didn’t want to pay out for an expensive top branded camera, which would risk being stolen while we were there, we wanted a slightly cheaper version (but still good quality). Continue reading “Getting ready for our America trip: Waterproof Camera”

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Dreaming About Buying A Holiday Home? 

Today, a lot of families love to travel, using every school holiday and bank holiday to get away. The only downside to traveling as a family is that once the kids reach school age, you can only really get away in the school holidays when prices triple. How a lot of parents are getting around this issue is by investing in a holiday home of their own, so that when it comes to traveling all they have to pay for is the transport. Continue reading “Dreaming About Buying A Holiday Home? “

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How To Create The Perfect Gym Look

I know the gym is for working hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good too. For me, part of what makes me motivated to go to the gym is getting to wear a cool and colourful gym outfit. Gym clothing is my favourite clothing as it’s comfortable and just makes you look and feel good.
So, here’s my guide to the perfect gym look:

(Image via: http://bit.ly/29Zlaby)

Continue reading “How To Create The Perfect Gym Look”

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Fruit muffin recipe

We hit the local market this week and came away with a selection of really cheap fruit, so I decided to turn them into various flavours of fruit muffins, we had pineapple, blueberry, raspberry but would work well with strawberry, peach, Apple…anything really!

  • 110g butter
  • 250g plain flour
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 125ml milk
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • White Chocolate

Continue reading “Fruit muffin recipe”

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Get in Good Habits and Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With summer well on the way, it can be easier to save money on bills around the home. You can dry your laundry outside, and there isn’t a need to have your heating on. You use fewer lights in the daytime, and might even use less gas for things like cooking. So it is can be easy to get forgetful about ways to cut the costs of our bills at home. But if we establish some bad habits in summer, then it can lead to us carrying on that way when the cooler temperatures come back. So what are some good habits to get into, to take care of our home, as well as keep costs down? Here are some ideas for you. Continue reading “Get in Good Habits and Make Your Home More Energy Efficient”

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Top tips for toilet training your little one. 

I have started toilet training my youngest son who just turned 3 years old. I have seen signs that he is ready as he’s started hiding when he is doing a poo then will tell me afterwards, he will also tell me to go to the toilet as he can see his older brother and wants to copy him and he asks to be nappy changed.

So, I thought everything is perfect and easy. But it’s not, I’m struggling as he only tells me when he’s done it but he doesn’t go to the toilet before doing it. This is why I turned to my fellow bloggers and asked for their help and found it all very helpful.  Continue reading “Top tips for toilet training your little one. “

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Giveaway! Win a pair of yoga leggings and a sports bra

Check out our review of this amazing set of leggings and sports bra and enter our competition here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to uk residents only, winner will be chosen at random and we will contact the winner for address and size. Giveaway running from midnight on 24th may 2017 and end 7th June 2017

We reserve the right to amend this giveaway at anytime.

Both items are available direct from Amazon and you can see their adverts here:

Queenie Ke Womens Yoga Sport Bra Light Support Strappy Free To Be Bra Size M Color Black Aross

Queenie Ke Women’s Bandage Skinny Sports Yoga Running Dance Cropped Pants Size L Color Grey Melange

Mudpie Fridays


Mummy in a Tutu
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Fixin’ Kitchens: Small Changes With Big Impact

(Image Source)
The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. You will spend a lot of time here, either cooking or performing other jobs. And, your guests will also spend a lot of their time in the kitchen; especially at parties. This sort of room is perfect for gatherings. But, a lot of people aren’t happy with the kitchen they have. Having something entirely new would be too expensive, though. And, this makes it hard to improve the situation.Thankfully, this doesn’t limit you when it comes to changes small things. To help you out, this post will be going through the best parts of your kitchen to change to have maximum impact.

To start, you should be considering the appliances you own. These sorts of items will often look old and bad after a few years of use. This is partly because of changing styles. But, it’s also because they tend to be used a lot. This sort of change can be made as you can afford it, though. So, it’s not too hard. For example, a lot of people will replace something small, like a kettle, for something nicer. Then, you can save for the next item. Once you have that, you save for the next, and so on.Modern appliance design is being moved much more in the direction of looking good. This makes now the best time ever to be shopping for this sort of item.

Next, you can think about some slightly bigger jobs. A lot of people paint their kitchen once and then leave it for many years. This works for other room. But, unfortunately, the kitchen is used far too much for this rule to apply. Instead, you should be painting your kitchen every couple of years. This isn’t all bad, though. It gives you the chance to change the style of the room by using a different option. And, it will make it easier for you to maintain a beautiful room.A website like https://www.dulux.co.uk/en can help you to find the best options for your kitchen. They have loads of choices; without making it hard for you to make the decision. Along with this, you could also consider getting some new tiles; if you’re feeling adventurous.

This next area is one that caused a lot of people trouble. When you’re used to it, it can be very hard to notice when something like your sink needs to be updated. And, it can also be hard to realise how much of an impact this part of the kitchen has on the rest of the room. Choosing these items should be done with care. It’s best to start with the sink and choose the taps based on that.A website like https://www.tapwarehouse.com/category/ceramic-kitchen-sinks can help you to choose the best option for your kitchen. And, a lot of the choices come with taps. So, you don’t have to spend loads of time looking for something to match. Instead, you can simply by the items together.

The last item on this list isn’t very big at all. In fact, if you have everything to complete the work; it might only take you an afternoon. Over time, a lot of kitchens start to look worse for wear. Cabinet doors will start to sag, and the whites won’t be so white anymore. To solve this issues; you just need to put in some work. Sorting out cabinet doors will usually be a case of simply tightening some screws. Once you’ve done this, it’s time for a deep clean. Kitchens will often get very dirty. And, this shows. You can’t hide this area of the room very well, either. Instead, you just have to deal with it. Restoring your kitchen to its former glory may take the use of some harsh cleaning products. So, it’s worth doing some research to make sure that you don’t choose the wrong options.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on the part of your home that you use the most. A lot of people ignore this sort of work. But, this will result in feeling bad about a room that has to be used all the time. For the amount of work you have to do, this is all very much worth it. And, in most cases, it won’t cost much at all to make changes like this. Just do plenty of research to ensure you make the right decisions.

*collaborative post

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Maya’s Bows, personalised hair bows

My beautiful Bethany loves helping with my reviewing and was talent spotted by the company Maya’s Bows, who were looking for bow loving girlies to model their bows for them. Bethany was more than happy to help them out! You can check out the Maya’s Bows over on Facebook and Instagram.

Our first delivery arrived and bethany really enjoyed looking through the whole collection. See her reaction here.

She was absolutely overwhelmed at the different styles, they were all so pretty. I was really pleased with the quality and the variety (not all big bows, but little ones on hair grips and on hair ties and different styles of bow too!)

Check out the Maya’s Bow Facebook page here and Instagram here. If you would like to order from them drop them a private message with yours specifications and quote the code Bethany10 for a 10% discount!

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