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Sunrise clock: why you want one and how to get it (hint, we are giving one away)

When you wake up when you aren’t quite ready, like in the middle of a dream, you start the day feeling sleepy and nothing you can do can shake it.

A sunrise clock, or wake up light, is the perfect solution. You set the wake up time and half an hour before the light comes on and gradually increases in intensity over the half hour before wake up, at which point either nature sounds or the radio comes on (depending on which you set it to). Continue reading “Sunrise clock: why you want one and how to get it (hint, we are giving one away)”

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Pizza Express Restaurant Review |#triedtested

What could be the best way to spend the weekend than having a family meal out? We got invited to try out a Pizza Express restaurant so I choose to visit the Worthing branch as it is the closest one to us.

Pizza Express is a restaurant that serves delicious food and freshly made pizza. Peter Boizot, the founder of the company, wanted to show his love and passion of Italian food. Boizot was shocked when he returned to the UK from Italy to find that there was no great tasting pizza in comparison to Italy. Pizza Express’ history really intrigued me and it also gave me an idea on what the food was going to be like. Personally, I love trying out different food from around the world; the flavours, the aroma, the presentation allow me to feel like I am actually in the original country of the food. The pizzas at Pizza Express achieved this as they made me feel like I was all the way in Italy.

It was the weekend, and I loved the idea of just taking my family out for a meal so that we could relax and just simply have a good time. Plus, who could turn down pizza?

Pizza Express was also a good opportunity to let my little ones to have something new. They are both fussy eaters and I wanted to overcome this. When I told them that we were going to Pizza Express, they got very excited about it. They just couldn’t wait to have some pizza!

As we came in to the restaurant, we were greeted by the receptionist and welcomed by the manager. I was impressed on how comfortable they made us straight away. The staff were so lovely, helpful and very friendly. They were also accommodating, which made me happy. Being a mum with little ones can make it difficult to find a restaurant and to not be stressed. I’m always worried that they will not behave in restaurants as other people might give us a look if the loudness from my children is disrupting them.

Pizza express is a good choice for a family meal. The staff are so good with children as they interact with them and provide colouring pencils and activity booklets for them; they are a child friendly restaurant which is amazing if you’re going to eat there with your little ones!

The restaurant appeared clean, presentable with a visible kitchen. I felt like this was a nice touch to the restaurant as you were able to see your pizza being cooked!

If you are planning to go to Pizza Express on a hot day, there is also a space available outside of the restaurant. It’s like a patio and is perfect for a sunny day when you want to enjoy your meal in beautiful, warm weather.

The decor looked simple but elegant. The atmosphere was delightful and very welcoming which is important when having a meal to allow you to enjoy the food. I was also pleased when I saw that they provided free wifi, which was important for me as a blogger.

As we sat down on our table, my boys were given activity booklets and colouring pencils. This entertained them whilst we were waiting for our orders.

The menu was well presented and in my opinion, it’s also well priced. They had a special offer of 3 courses for just £13.95! Download the offer or check out the nearest branch to yours as they might offering a different one.

Their menu offers a wide range of food and there is something for everyone. Whatever your diet is, I’m sure it will please you. I was surprised to see that they offered gluten free choices and low calorie options for people who have a diet preference. I was amazed by this as they have put the customers’ diets into a lot of consideration. You can also personalised your pizza which is amazing.



We began with the starters, which is delectable. We ordered calamari, marinated olives and baked dough balls. Their calamari was absolutely incredible and I really loved it. All the starters served to us were an instant hit  that I didn’t even manage to capture a photo of the baked dough balls as I was far too busy devouring it (I mean, who can blame me right?!)


£3.20 each

Their drinks were simply divine; they were so refreshing and really summery. I chose the belvoir cucumber and mint presse. It tastes lovely that I’m still keen to know what ingredients they used to produce such a perfect drink. I fell in love  with my drink which was surprising as I’m not really a mint kind of person, you know? It was kind of a sweet sparkling drink with a hint of mint and cucumber. My boys had juice and loved them as well.


I wanted to give their special a go – the Zapparoli. I was surprised when they served it as it was really big and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat it all. I really loved it though as I found it perfect, tasty, delicious with a little bit of spice. This was absolutely my favourite out of all their pizzas. I would definitely recommend it!

My husband ordered the Pollo Forza and one again it was a huge portion so hubby shared some of it with me.  I thought hubby’s order was spicy and I found his pizza hotter than what I have ordered. It was sizzling with a kick of spice – about medium hot. It’s perfect for people who are all about the spicy food.

For kids 



My children had Margherita, Pollo Chicken and la Reine (without the black olives). They also tried the Polenta Chips, which was a side dish. My kids had so much fun slicing their own pizza with the pizza cutter and even the kids portion were big for them that they couldn’t finish it either. They loved the Polenta Chips and it appeared to be a healthier version of a regular chips. It was heavenly! It also has a dip at the side, which made the chips even more delicious than it already was on its own. I would definitely recommend the Pollo Chicken kids pizza and Polenta Chips.

Since we couldn’t eat all of our pizzas we decided that we would take the rest home. We request for a takeaway boxes to put the pizza in.




The dessert course was the favourite part of the evening for my kids. The boys loved their vanilla ice creams and just couldn’t get enough of it. I tried their summer tiramisu which I found light and fruity. My daughter had the fondant chocolate cake with ice cream on top. When you took a piece of cake, warm, melted chocolate found its way out. It was a spectacular sight. My husband did not have a pudding as he was full.

As the restaurant got busier, I noticed that the manager was serving customers which was impressive. He was able to help his staff serving but still had the restaurant under control. He was very helpful alongside with his staff which I think was wonderful. He looked after us and made sure we were happy with everything

Our thoughts

We were very happy with our experience at Pizza Express. The food was delicious, made with finest, most fresh ingredients. The pizzas were unique with their tasty toppings and crispy crusts. There was something about it that made every bite. worth it. I thought the price was reasonable for the quality and taste of the their food.

The overall experience was excellent. I am really pleased and will definitely be recommending Pizza Express to everyone. We would like to thank the Pizza Express at Worthing for delivering a great restaurant service. We will definitely be coming back in the near future.

Have you been to Pizza Express before? Do you like Italian foods? Which of the dishes we chose have interest you? Please comment below as we would love to read your thoughts on it.

Disclosure: We were invited to the Pizza Express restaurant to enjoy a family meal for the purpose of this review blog. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own including pictures and the video that is up on our YouTube channel.

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Chicken Thai curry | #foodiefriday

A Thai catering service is selling food at a market day every Wednesday at local high street near us. My favourite to buy as a take away is their pork Thai curry.

Then I saw this Thai red curry sauce from aldi and I thought I might as well try to cook it myself and I’m impress with this sauce as it gives the same taste of curry from that Thai food stall. Since then I never looked back and always use this sauce.


  • Chicken breast
  • Thai red curry sauce
  • Green beans
  • Pepper
  • Chilli

Instruction :

Slice chicken breast and fry it with cooking oil until it gets brown

Add the Thai red sauce

Add a little bit of water if you want maybe half cup, simmer and keep mixing it maybe up to 5 minutes until meat are tender / cook.

Add a spring beans ( Iv used a frozen one as fresh one not available that time )

Add peppers

When vegetables are cook, turn off the heat and add either a fresh chilli for that added taste ( optional )

Best serve with rice.

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Sensse anti aging facial cleansing brush review 

This is my first time to try out a facial brush. I have never tried them before because I’m scared that it will irritate my skin since I have a combination of normal and sensitive skin. Also, I thought that the facial brush is a bit hard for my face until I have tried this. The anti aging purpose seems a bonus as well since sign of aging has had started to show. 

This came in a smart looking box which looks presentable and expensive. Inside comes the facial brush and its cover, USB cable, charger base. No instruction or user manual included but it’s very straightforward. Just connect the USB cable to adaptor and charge it for an hour and you can see that’s it’s already fully charge when the 3 light is standby. 

It has a 3 intensity levels for you to choose from and It’s recommended to use the low level brush speed if you have a sensitive skin and the high speed for a deep exfoliation and anti wrinkle treatment. 

Once fully charged, I wet my face first to dampen it and wet the brush as well. Then I put a little bit of Nivea facial cleanser to the brush and I choose the low level brush speed and glide it on my face on a circular motion. 

I’m surprised that the brush brittle is soft on my skin. It gives a gently massage feeling and stimulate the blood flow. The brush will automatically stop and beep every 20 seconds to remind you to move to a new area which is good. 

After i finish, I rinse my face and pat dry. I have notice that my skin is feeling softer, fresh and radiant. My face looks cleaner and smoother as well. I’m totally converted and would love to continue using this facial cleanser brush. I feel that my face will benefit from its exfoliation purposes and it’s good for the skin to have a facial brush which act like a massager as well which is good for blood circulation. 

I’m pleased with this product and it’s good to know that I can use this while in the shower as well. I’m impress how soft the brush brittle and didn’t irritate my skin. I would definitely recommend this especially if you’re always on the go and don’t have time to cleanse and exfoliate. 

Disclosure: The item was provided free in return for a review post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own including photos and videos. 

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Giveaway : Win a Paris Bouquet from prestige flowers 

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of flowers to cheer you up. I’m sure your gonna love this Paris Bouquet from prestige flowers. You can have this for yourself or give it as birthday gift to family or friends. 
Enter our giveaway at the rafflecopter link below:

Rafflecopter giveaway 

Giveaway open to uk residents only and runs from midnight on the 29 June 2017 until midnight on the 20 July 2017.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. We reserve the right to amend this giveaway if needed.
*Giveaway prize is sponsored by prestige flowers. 

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*guest post* What is this thing called love and where can I find it?!

Of course I know what it is really-I see it and feel it everyday with my children, family and friends. I mean love that goes hand in hand with a relationship. I’ve been single on and off over the last five years after being married for 17 years. I’ve dated and had a relationship within that time, however I’m currently single. At the age of 39 yrs this wasn’t quite what I had envisaged for myself. That’s not to say that I’m not happy, I count my blessings having two amazing children and wonderful family and friends around me. I would however like to meet someone to share my life with. I’ve been told countless times that I will meet some one when I least expect it however that’s not been the case so far and I am impatient so online dating has and still does play a part in all this.                                                                                                         I was quite wary about signing up online to start with, after all things have changed quite a bit and it was all new to me. Still I took the plunge and have tried a few different sites. I have had several dates some successful, some not so much and some almost disastrous!          

That’s how my blog was born, I had been on a date and leading up to it everything that could of gone wrong really did. It’s no secret that time keeping isn’t a strong point of mine, however this time I was spectacularly late, and just as I was finally ready to leave the house one of my not so carefully applied nails pinged off, I dashed indoors to reattach it this proved to be easier said than done as I couldn’t find the glue because it was hidden underneath a pile of clothes. Once located I couldn’t open the glue and for reasons best known to myself I decided to open it with my teeth-cue a mouthful of nail glue, and the need to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth. I finally arrive flustered and very late, I jump out the car to discover my shoe was broken, so I’m now hobbling along through the car park as quick as I can under the circumstances! When I’m finally seated and the introductions are over I find I’m very nervous and give him a full version of events, whilst thinking to myself that I should just stop talking! That’s another joy of dating I find my nerves have a mind of their own and I’ve been known to either talk incessantly or not be able to string a sentence together, the best part of this is that I never know quite which way it’s going to be until I’m there!

So following this particular date I was out with a friend, talking about it. We had a good giggle and said how typical it was for these things to happen to me. I had also decided that for various reasons a second date wasn’t going to happen but I wasn’t quite sure how to tell him that. As we sat in McDonalds she helped me decide what to say and that was that all sorted. Later that evening we were having a girls night at another friends house and after a few Amaretto’s the conversation turned to the usual subject of my love life or lack of, and of course my latest date. After much giggling and laughter it was suggested that I should start a blog about dating as a single Mum where I could share the highs,lows and funny moments. I laughed it off but when I got home and couldn’t sleep I thought maybe I could do it, so I sat up and got started and I’ve not looked back.

I love writing and sharing my stories,I’ve been on quite a journey so far and it’s great to know that I can share them with everyone, I’m sure you can all relate to the crazy goings on at some point.❤️x

Find me here- crazy little thing called love

Or here on Facebook                                        


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Homebargains flower review | #triedtested

I never knew homebargains do a flower delivery service. I only discovered it lately so I thought I would give it a go and try it myself.

I was sent a white roses bouquet and it came with a presentable box which was well packaged. Also included in the package is a simple flower vase, small truffle chocolate and note which is a lovely touch. At the back of the card is the flower care guide.

The roses are beautiful and look so fresh and also comes with plant food. It was beautifully wrap and comes with a wet pack at the tip of the flowers to keep it hydrated and fresh. I’m impressed with its quality and their prices is an absolute bargain compare to other flower delivery service. Flowers with free delivery from £9.99 is a winner. It’s cheap and definitely well price. It’s a very good value of money and I would definitely recommend them. Excellent product and service, perfect to use for sending flowers to family without breaking the bank.

Disclosure : I was sent a free sample for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions including photos and videos are all mine.

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