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Reminiscing wonderful winter memories with family

It’s the time of the year again where we can feel the cold weather. Seeing the leaves falling from the trees is a sign of the autumn season and soon winter that makes us want to snuggle under our blanket.

What I love about this season is that the warm memories it creates with family. We spend more time with our family having a cup of tea and getting warm. This season also remind me moments I have spent with my parent’s in law when they came to visit England. This memories I had with them gives me a bit of comfort knowing it’s not the same anymore since my father in law passed away this summer.

It was winter when they came over the last time and we went for a walk to celebrate Christmas and new year. Nothing can beat a lovely photograph to cherish all those memories. Winter is definitely the most wonderful time of the year since we have Christmas and new year to look forward to.

I love taking photographs as a memory of the moment and I know that I can count on truprint when it comes to creating something personal as a gift or a remembrance of the past. I love the idea of personalised photo book where I can cherish my wonderful memories with my loved ones.

Winter gives me wonderful feelings when reminiscing moments like this, through photographs of the past that I can keep it forever.

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London Design Fair; sustainable British companies

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that last weekend I was up at the London Design Fair with my “official” job at Newlife Paints. We were part of a stand share organised by Blue Patch which is a not for profit organisation which offers a Sustainable marketplace for UK design, ethical fashion, eco-furniture, green gifts, organic & fair trade food.  Continue reading “London Design Fair; sustainable British companies”

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Want to Renovate? Here’s How to Inspire Yourself

Whether you want to change your flooring or renovate your living room, there is probably one major setback that is preventing you from going through with those changes: inspiration. With a lack of ideas, it doesn’t matter how much time, effort or money you’re willing to put into it. You need ideas if you want to create something fantastic, and there’s only one way to get those ideas swimming in your brain: inspire yourself.

To help get those creative juices flowing, here are a couple of tips on how you can gather some ideas for your next home renovation project.

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Browse the Internet

There are some fantastic places on the internet to gather inspiration. For starters, you can look at and search pretty much anything. For instance, simply type in “bathroom ideas” and you’ll get plenty of unique hits for bathroom design ideas. If you want to renovate your garage by turning it into a useful room, then simply type in “garage renovation” and you’ll be presented with hundreds, if not thousands of unique ideas that you can use.

Pinterest also allows you to save images into your own collection. This collection can be private or you can open it to be viewed by other people. Think of this as your personal digital scrapbook of sorts. You can collect all the ideas that you think are great, then compile them into a single album which you can reference when you finally start drawing up plans or writing down notes for what you want. +

In addition, you could also browse websites that actually sell items such as, a place that specialises in bathroom furniture such as wall hung toilets, taps and heating. There are plenty of fantastic photographs that depict the item in an example, and you can use these sample images for inspiration. Even better, you could also use these sample images by saving them to your Pinterest album and reference them later.

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Visit Events and Open Houses

Using the internet is fantastic for building up inspiration and ideas, but if you prefer to get up-close and personal with your ideas, then try to find open house events and other similar locations to inspire you. You’ll be able to take pictures and get a better sense of scale compared to just looking at pictures on the internet, and you’ll also get to see how light affects different types of decor arrangements, which is essential if you want to make use of lighting for your inspired renovation.

Although using the internet is recommended, nothing beats seeing unique decor arrangements up-close. Whichever method you pick, make sure you spend some time absorbing all of the information and writing down (or taking pictures) of the elements that you like and mix them into unique designs of your own. Just remember that there’s no problem with copying something you see (unless you plan to sell it, of course) so even if you don’t consider yourself very creative, you can still make your renovations look superb.

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Starting Your Own DIY Journey

Self-reliance has always been an important quality when it comes to your home. After all, no one likes paying ridiculous amounts of money just to repair something like a crack in the wall or to paint something small. These are the types of home improvements that you could personally take care of in your own time, and it only takes a little push in the right direction to start doing your own DIY renovations and repairs.

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Start With Small Projects

Building up experience and confidence is important when it comes to learning DIY. Start with relatively small projects such as repainting a fence or building some flat-pack furniture. It sounds easy, but there are a lot of things that you need to consider or else it won’t be a successful project. For instance, you’ll need to purchase the right tools and materials in order to get the work done properly, there are a few small nuances that you’ll need to keep in mind. You can only learn these things through experience, and even though painting a fence isn’t quite the same as repairing light fixtures or installing a new toilet, you still learn a lot about DIY.

Comes to Grips With Reality

After your first few small projects, you’ll notice that it can take an incredibly long time to get something simple done. Whether it’s replacing some wooden planks on your decking or painting a crack in the wall, you’ll notice that DIY isn’t as simple as it first seems. For instance, if you’re painting over existing paint, then you might notice that the paint comes off easily or the colour doesn’t match correctly. What you’ll be left with is a different shade of paint that looks out of place, or you might find that the wood you bought to replace your decking is completely wrong. These are the types of failures that often put people off DIY in the future, but it’s a good idea to stick with it and learn from these mistakes. More often than not, the source of these problems comes with a lack of research. Before you do any DIY work, make sure you research it on the internet so that you can avoid any potential problems in the future.

Know Your Resources

It could be a friend with DIY knowledge, an online community that you frequent or even your local hardware stores. Whatever type of DIY work you get into, make sure you know who your friends and resources are. You’ll be asking people lots of questions, you’ll be reading lots of books and you’ll need to shop around for the right materials to use. A good example is to look on the internet or in local directories for materials (especially heavy things) and order specific tools on the internet. You may also benefit from buying supplies from a business that fills your intended use. For example, George Hill Timber sells timber that is specifically for buildings. They have use case examples such as buildings, doors, sheet materials and so on. This will help minimise the possibility of purchasing the wrong thing and they are usually more than happy to offer advice.

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Don’t Give In

DIY is unforgiving. It takes a lot of money to get started because you need to purchase things such as tools and materials, and it can be incredibly time-consuming. Reality will set in mid-way through your first project and you’ll be struggling to find the right motivation to continue. In fact, you may even feel frustrated or depressed because you’ve invested so much time and money into a project that ultimately didn’t work out for you. However, it’s always worth taking a step back to compare yourself to how much you knew in the past. No one’s DIY projects have a 100% success rate, so be prepared to fail a couple of times and learn from your mistakes.

Remember Why You Wanted to DIY

It’s always good to remind yourself why you decided to get interested in DIY in the first place. Was it because you wanted to save money on simple repairs? Did you want to grow your skills so you can do your own renovations and decorations in the future? Or did you want to tinker with your kitchen appliances to make things easier for you in the future? There are many reasons why people decide to get into DIY, so don’t forget to reaffirm your reasons for doing so.

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Free bodyshop vanilla pumpkin

I just wanted to share with you about the free bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set. I have just received my free set after subscribing to cosmopolitan magazine. Hurry up and get yours at Hearst Magazine as free gift change every month. It’s definitely worth it since the it’s only £15 for 12 issues and the body shop set cost £36 sorry not £35 as I said on my video.

The bodyshop vanilla pumpkin set smells lovely and it’s very autumnal with its design and scent. I just love it and I’m so excited to use them. What are you waiting for? Get yours while you can 🙂

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Beating the winter blues and back to school energy slump

Whenever the kids head back in September I find it’s the sign that winter is coming an not only are the days grey and horrid but the kids head home with a million germs and we get hit by colds (check out my post about avoiding the cold and tips on how to fight it here).  Continue reading “Beating the winter blues and back to school energy slump”