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Flower power: crochet flowers #diyblogchallenge

This month’s DIY blog challenge was flower theme. I really struggled to come up with something, I found several ideas on Pinterest which I wanted to try but was finding it hard to locate the supplies (they all needed secondhand items and I just couldn’t find them!)

I thought I was going to have to pull out this month when I suddenly remembered I had started some crochet flowers months ago and never used them for anything.  Continue reading “Flower power: crochet flowers #diyblogchallenge”

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#DIYBlogChallenge Father’s Day

Last month’s #DIYBlogChallenge was to upcycled a charity shop find, this month the challenge was to produce something for Father’s Day.

I gathered the children, and manage to find a day when Daddy wasn’t here so we could tackle the crafts! Of course my kids couldn’t agree on a design between them so we ended up doing 2 designs!

Bethany chose to do a canvas for daddy with the word LOVE on it. This is a really easy, yet effective design for any child to do. You do have to watch them because canvas’ are expensive and if they make a mistake it’s difficult to undo it.

She taped off the L and the V and painted around the tape to leave a blank. She then used her hand print to make the O and finger prints for the letter E (why she made this a “baby” letter I don’t know, but she was in charge). We waited until it dried and then peeled the tape off. She is really pleased with how it turned out:

Jack insisted he wanted to make a clay plant pot for Daddy. I bought air clay for him and showed him how to wet it to shape it. He did eventually make two pretty good pot shaped clay “things”, he also scratched patterns into the outside of the pot.

When he was done we put them to dry (which takes ages with air dry clay). He then painted them, leaving them to dry again and put little plants in them. They could also be used as a pot for his pennies.

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Upcycling Heeled Shoes: DIY Blog Challenge

I have joined a monthly craft challenge with a group of fellow bloggers, I love arts and crafts (especially doing it with the kids) so I thought it would be a good use of my Pinterest addiction and trying some new things.

This months challenge was upcycling an item found at a charity shop. I searched Pinterest and chose an item which fitted in with my fashion interest: taking a boring pair of heels and upcycling them with some old jewelry items to make some stunning new shoes.

The Pinterest links I found were this one and this one.

I managed to find a brand new pair of heels in the local charity shop, for just £3! The jewelry items were 3 for a £1, so my entire spend was £4, amazing.

I ripped the clips off the earrings and snipped the bracelet up to separate the gem stones (in the end I didn’t use the last item).

I then used superglue and attached these to the heel as they were:

I played around with some different ways of using the gemstones on the front of the shoe but settled on lining the front with them:

In hindsight I should have used tweezers to place the stones, my gloves got stickier and stickier and it got so difficult to place them carefully. I’m pretty sure at one point I nearly glued myself to the shoe 😂

I was really pleased with my final design, it looks so good and definitely looks like a designer shoe which you would have paid hundreds for in the shop and yet only cost me £4!

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