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#tsumtsumtravels travelling chums to make your journeys less painful

We all know how hard work travelling with children can be, check out our tips and hints here.

Posh Paws International, exclusive producers of the Tsum Tsum collection have recently brought out the Tsum Tsum Vacation Pack.

The Tsum Tsums are all dressed ready for their summer holidays. Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Dumbo and Pluto (I love Pluto best!) all with rubber rings, goggles, swimming hats and surf boards, they are so cute!

Since we are a blogging team we separated our Tsum Tsum buddies and half went off to the Philippines with Epril and half stayed home with me an my kids (sorry for the boring holiday Minnie, Dumbo and Pluto lol).

They went to the Arundel Wildfowl Trust with us, spent time on Worthing seafront and helped teach my kids to ride their bikes!

The Tsum Tsums are small enough to fit in your handbag and yet really help entertain the kids when they are getting bored. Definitely a toy worth pulling out when the kids start getting irritate half way through the journey.

Here are a few of Epril’s photos from the Philippines, even if their holiday was upset by a family disaster.


*note: toys were provided free for the purpose of this review, this did not effect my opinion and all words are my own

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Cloudhoppers – making maths fun!

I have mentioned before how jack (6) is not a fan of learning but actually it is bethany (8) who dislikes maths. I was offered the maths based game “cloud hoppers” which is an addition and subtraction game aimed at 6 years plus, I thought bethany may find it fairly simple and it might encourage her to be more confident and that jack, who has a more natural talent for maths, would enjoy the challenge the game posed.

Available to purchase for £16.99 from Amazon

You start the game with 2 aliens in the space ship and roll the 10 sided dice, you then have to work out your move based on the space number you are on minus the dice roll the spaces aren’t in number order so you have to use mental arithmetic to work it out. The aim is to get both aliens to square 20, there are spaces to aim for or avoid on the way down so you have to look ahead and decide which of your pieces to move.

It is actually quite a difficult task to do the sums in your head, in the end I got a number line from Jack’s school bag so the kids could use that rather than doing the sums mentally.

This would be a great game for a school or for a home schooling parent, however it didn’t work well for my children; by the time they have had a day at school they come home wanting to play games and they didn’t find doing maths fun. They loved the concept of the game but they lost interest in doing the maths and I had to do all the sums (poor mummy’s brain!), but they loved playing the game and enjoyed working out which piece to move.

This game would be really good for an educational environment, if you want a fun way to encourage learning addition and subtraction of high numbers (adding or taking off 1-9 on numbers up to 50) then this game is perfect. It is easy to understand and lovely and colourful!

*Please note, item was provide free for review, but this has not affected my opinion and all words are my own. Affiliate links have been used on this post.

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Remote control dump truck review | #triedtested 

Top Race® 5 Channel Fully Functional RC Dump Truck, Remote Control Car Battery Powered Remote Control Heavy Duty Yellow Construction Dump Truck With Lights And Sound (TR-112)

This came on its own box. I thought this product would make a good present for any boy. You need to have a screw driver in order to remove this from packaging. It would be useful if there is one added screw driver as I have spent time looking for one. You also need to have a 3 AA battery for the remote control.

It has a rechargeable battery that you can connect with the USB cable provided but would be better if it’s a proper plug. Anyway as we put the battery in, we tried and rest all the feature which is impressive. It goes forward, backward, left and right through the remote control. Also plate goes up and down. It also make sounds and has light. My 3 years old had so much fun playing with it and easily learn to use the remote control.

Overall, I think it’s a good toy for boys.

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Crenova magnetic building blocks review |#triedtested

Crenova Magnetic Building Blocks Rainbow Set 53 Pieces Inspire Standard Construction Set-Creative and Educational Toys-Ferris Wheel & Storage Bag

This arrived in it’s own box with 50pcs mixture of magnetic shapes and a non magnetic items like numbers and letters and other accessories, there was also an instruction booklet included (which gives you ideas to create many different things). There was also a drawstring bag which is a great for storage, to avoid losing the pieces from the set. Continue reading “Crenova magnetic building blocks review |#triedtested”

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Magic Fairy Wings, childrens website

I simply adore the online shop; it covers all sorts of kids accessories and toys; from hair accessories, to ponchos and creative toys to learning toys. 10% discount code is epsamy10

They very kindly sent us a selection of toys.

Bethany has been learning lately about telling the time so this clock was perfect for us and at £11.99 is so well priced.


Such a good idea for home-schooling or just for additional support for school children.

We also had 2 lovely canvas which come with all the tools required to hang it up after your child is finished. At £4.99 each they are a great price, as this includes their paint.

On the reverse of the packet is instructions to show the children which colours to mix to make the different colours needed, this is a bit different to other canvas sets I’ve seen and make it a bit more educational which is nice.

My children spent ages painting up their canvas and are very proud of their works of art! Bethany finished hers in one sitting, but jack has been working on his for days and still has some left to go.

We were also sent this lovely hair clip set:

We will be receiving more of their hair assessories over the next few weeks and some for a giveaway, so watch this space!

The prices from magic fairy wings are so low, yet the quality is so good. I would completely recommend visiting and having a look around.

I even have a 10% discount code for you, just enter epsamy10 at checkout!

*items received for the purpose of review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll

Daddy took the kids to the toy shop this week and let them pick out whatever they wanted. My darling daughter (aged 8) chose a Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise which is priced at RRP £29.99.

To put it plainly the doll cr*ps sand shaped into “fun” shapes. The children think it is hilarious and adults wonder who on earth came up with this idea!? Lol

The baby comes with 3 packets of “baby food” which is basically the same as the kinetic sand/crazy sand and they feed it to the baby, then rock the baby a little on the Potty (there is a little button which needs to be pressed) and voila out pops a little bit of “baby poop” in a fun shape.

The kids were so pleased they just had to review it for you:

See the children’s YouTube video here and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.

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Fisher Price Imaginext Lion’s Den Knight Castle #triedtested

My 5 year old son got the Imaginext Catle for Christmas, along with some of the extra accessory packs.

The unpacking as a bit difficult, lots of bits of plastic and scissors needed, I would recommend opening the pack before wrapping it up, the kids wanted to play with it straight away and it took ages to open!

The castle comes with batteries already in it, you don’t need the batteries to play with it but it’s more fun for the kids with the flashy lights and scary noises.

There are loads of buttons to press which make different hints happen; like releasing the lion:

The back of the castle is full of steps and rooms with trap doors and a jail too.

The castle is suitable from a 3-8 years, there are small pieces so it really isn’t suitable for younger children. My children are 5 and 8 and they both love this, they play together for hours with this.

The Castle’s RRP is £50, but we got it better than half price from Argos. The best price I found atm is from Amazon:

Lions Den Knight Castle – Fisher Price – Imaginext – Toy Playset with Knights

It comes with the castle itself; 2 knights, a goblin, a lion and a disc throwing crossbow, along with various accessories.

Our best decision was to buy the extra accessory packs to go with it, it makes the toy more complete. We bought the catapult:

2 of the jousting knights:

And a few of the playmobil knights sets, which are exactly the correct size to be used with the castle. Which means the pack can be extended easily.

We would have happily bought it at £50, but at half price was an absolute steal. The children love it and it’s very resilient and not breakable at all, I would completely recommend for boys or girls aged anything from 3 to 8 years old.

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Quack and Field: Children’s book review

My children absolutely love these books! The eldest (8 years old) really enjoys reading the story to the youngest (5 years old) and doing fun commentator voices. The books are really colourful and the kids adore the artwork, very expressive animals.

At the start of the books you get a fact file about each character taking part and a bit of information about the sport itself (I’m no sporting expert but I think these facts are actual Olympic rules).

The animal characters then start the sporting events (swimming all at once, trampolining one at a time) and each character has their little bit of story line, then the book finishes on the podium announcing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The books are perfect length for a “read together” book and certainly kept my children’s interest for the length of the entire book and have nice big words so older children can practise their reading too. The books are aimed at 3-7 year olds and are perfect for this age range.

These are really lovely books and the children have really enjoyed them. They are currently available from the Quack and Field website here and at the moment they have 30% discount on them. I am sure it won’t be long before they are available in high street stores.

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Book for 7-9 year old: Three times around the Corkscrew Tree by Jocelyn Porter- A Review

My eldest daughter is 8, so I thought this book sounded perfect for her. Bethany is ahead on her reading at school (year 3) and is a free reader (which means she has finished the “school reading” sets and is allowed to choose any book from the library).

The “back of the book” information sounded like Bethany would enjoy it:

Bethany loved the colourful illustrations on the cover and was thrilled that the main character “Katherine” has beautiful red hair like her best friend. 

The writing was very well sized for Bethany to read, it is a little bigger than the books from school, so would be perfectly suitable for a slightly less advanced reader and the vocabulary used wasn’t too difficult either, not too many “tricky words”. 

I was pleased that the book was split into good sized chapters, which makes it easier for the reader to put down and pick up the book later, they don’t feel that they have to read too much at one time. 

When I asked Bethany about how she felt about the book, she said it was really good because it had sad bits (like when Kate wasn’t allowed to help in the kitchen after she accidentally knocked Mum over, because it wasn’t Kate’s fault, it was an accident) and exciting bits (like Kates room coming to life) and had a really easy to understand story line. 

I liked the book because bethany is at the age where she’s starting to question whether magic is real (e.g. Father Christmas, the Elf on the Shelf, Fairies etc) and the story is based on a young girl who doesn’t believe and by the end it has been “proved” to be real. It could help bethany “believe” a bit longer.