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Our top 10 kids toys | Christmas present gift guide | Amazon 

Jibber Jabber Party Game Speak Out Game Challenge – UK Edition – Includes Hilarious Mouthpiece

LEGO DUPLO 10558 Number Train

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case

LEGO 41130 Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Construction Set

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle Playset

My Fairy Garden Fairy Garden

LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar

Harry Potter World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Real FX Slotless Racing

Hatch-em Hatching Dinosaur Egg

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Attraco 6Boys Kids Cotton Pyjamas Toddler Sleepwear Long Sleeve PJS Age 12 Months to 7 Years review

Available here
I was sent a pyjama set for each of my boys age 5 and 2 years old, and they both love fire engine and fireman hence I choose the design which makes them look match together.

The pyjama set came in a ziplock plastic packaging. As I took them out, they look better than I expected. Excellent quality and size is just right. The fabric is a 100 percent cotton which I love about, it’s soft on the skin and breathable but also cosy at this time of the year. 

My son’s love wearing it and they are so comfortable with it. I’m pleased with the quality and fabric of this pyjama set. I think it’s a good value of money and would make a great Christmas present. I must say the customer service was the best I have come across with. I have message them few times adjusting my the size of my order as I’m worried with the sizing and they were very helpful, easy to approach and accommodating. I’m really happy with this product and would definitely recommend it.

Disclosure : I recieved this for the purpose of product testing however this has not influenced my feedback in any way. All the wording in this review are my own.

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Testing long lasting lip colours

I love bright, bold lipsticks but I never remember to take the lipstick into work with me so rarely get chance to reapply. The lipsticks I use most are long lasting, then I don’t have to remember to carry it around with me. 

I decided to test a selection of long last line lip colour; some of these were free samples, some discounted and some have been purchased by me, so all reviews are unbiased. 

L’Oréal 24 HR infallible lip colour (red infallible) £9.99

No need for touch ups or second coats, stays put all day, keeping lips soft, hydrated and full of colour. 

The colour was smooth to apply and the colour was lovely and rich, but unfortunately after a few hours the colour just didn’t stick. 

Avon extra-lasting plump and stay lip colour (rosy resistance) £8.50

Plumping and long lasting base coat, high-shine top coat. Colour lasts 8 hours. 

Easy to apply, not the most bold of colours but there are others available. The top layer is sticky but normal lip balm works just as well without the horrid sticky feeling. 

Lasted really well, in fact it was still on the next morning!

Younique splash liquid lipstick (spontaneous) £21

Rich lipsticks leave you feeling brave, bold (and hydrated) all day long

I’m not sure the colour suits me. Goes on really smoothly and feels lovely on, but it did start to rub off after eating. 
Younique stiff upper lip stain (sleek) £18

Stubborn lip colour which won’t budge. 

Love love love this lip colour, lasts all day, doesn’t leave marks on glasses. Such a rich colour, lovely. 

Linkings waterproof lip crayon (#1) £3.25

Non stick to cup, non rub off. 

This went on so lovely and I thought the colour was great, unfortunately it didn’t last more than an hour and looked terrible, so I had to rub it off. 

Over all, I love the plump and stay Avon lip colour, without the top coat and adore younique lip stain. Would totally recommend those to all!

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SLS Free Shampoos

There has been a lot of talk lately about chemicals and toxins in our beauty products and I wanted to trial some SLS free shampoos to see how they compare to “chemical filled” shampoos.
I wrote to several companies and received various discounts and samples, as well as purchasing some myself, so all these reviews are not biased and entirely based on my own experience and reviews are my own opinion.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is an inexpensive chemical used in shampoos, body washes etc. as a detergent and surfactant (foaming agent). So why is SLS bad? SLS is a skin irritant; it is used to irritate the skin when testing products for use on skin conditions. The skin irritation is particularly worrying for children, who have more sensitive skin and often shampoo gets washed into their eyes.

SLS in shampoo is great at getting rid of oil and product build-up, but are known for drying out the hair and leading to poor condition like split ends. SLS is also known to strip colour from hair strands, so if you dye your hair regularly you might want to consider switching to make the colour last longer.

Unfortunately, I suffer from irritated scalp and product build up, but also from hair which gets greasy quickly, so I am not sure whether the SLS free shampoos will mean I need to wash my hair more often.

Beever Rich Repair Shampoo – Smells divine and the wonderful scent lasted for days, but unfortunately the shampoo was too heavy for my hair and it got greasy within 24 hours.

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo – Light-weight and really conditioning, made my hair really shiny, I was impressed with how long my hair stayed clean, 48 hours later it was still pretty good. Shampoo also smells gorgeous.

Instanatural Argan Oil Shampoo – Lovely shampoo and nice big bottle for the price. Good cleaning ability, but didn’t foam up well, so I had to wash my hair twice using extra shampoo (which is expensive when you look at the prices of SLS free shampoo). Clean hair lasted well over 48 hours before it needed washing again.

Faith in Nature Brave Botanicals Ripe Kiwi – Nice and light-weight, good cleaning ability, foams up pretty well and lasted a few days before it got greasy.

My scalp is certainly less irritated, but no means is it completely better and so many of the SLS free shampoos leave my hair greasy that I will have to keep trying other makes to find something which suits me.
Green people have a Black Friday deal on: Buy 3 products & get the cheapest item free using code: 342

Friday only!

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Are you a sale shopaholic or just a bargain hunter? | Confession of a sale shopaholic

I’m sat here looking at this red alert sale advertisement and it’s saying ” buy me ” and ” shop now “. Does it make you think twice or get excited? Obviously! The discounted price offers are so irresistible, that sometimes you just feel like you don’t wanna miss out on a bargain. Oh yeah, that’s me. 

Do you actually need a dress? There is a pressure with this limited time offer for additional discount so you think, “hey it’s nearly payday” or “I can use a bit of my savings for a treat” lol and yes, that’s kind of me again but just sometimes.

The unmissable offer, the ultimate bargain of all, that you’ve got to take advantage of it before everything gets sold out quickly. I mean you can’t go wrong for a pound can you? Omg, this is definitely me. 
Seriously, do you buy more items when they are on sale or just buy what you actually need? Do you tend to give in easily for an impulse buy because they are on offer or you can resist? How do you shop around during Black Friday sales and January sales? Do you have a big shopping spree, a treat for yourself or a big splash? 
Well, I think you have to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to shopping on sale stuff. 

  1. Would you actually use it in the future or need it?
  2. Do you really like what your buying or the product choices on offer?
  3. Quality vs quantity 
  4. Will it be a waste of money if I won’t really use them but just like it and it’s bargain. 
  5. Can I use it for a future gift for a family and friends? 
  6. Is the price a real bargain? 

However, I must admit that I can get a bit over excited sometimes and I forgot to stop and think and just go and buy because they are sale. I get a happy feeling knowing that I’ve got a bargain but then they always end up in the attic just collecting dust and waiting to be clear out. 

I think I am both a sale shopaholic and a bargain hunter as well. 

Like this lot, I bought them for future use. I got all this last year and most of them we’ve used already this year so it’s worth buying.

I got this Christmas jumper on boxing sale last year for my boys to use this coming Christmas 2016 so I think it’s a bargain. They are not going to be a waste and clear out so it’s a good buy.

Although, all the Halloween costume I bought last year for this year was a waste because we didn’t wear them. I spent only £10 on all of them ( 5 different costumes ) so it’s not too bad. 

I’m sure I’m not that bad since I can still manage to resist temptation like a while ago, I was about to buy discounted clothes again but already bought few yesterday so I thought it’s not worth it. I think, I always get carried away with bargain prices but if I think first before buying:  will be a wise purchase?

What about you? Are you a sale shopaholic or just a bargain hunter? Share it with us. ❤️

Days out

A trip to London, the Lord Mayor’s Parade and the Innholders Hall

My daughter and I had a trip to London to watch the Lord Mayor’s Parade. It wasn’t a very nice day, heavy rain and very cold, even though we were well wrapped up we were pretty cold!

The parade is mostly full of military bands and the livery companies of London. We had a spot on a corner and we’re a bit far back tomget any good photos, but I tried:

What my daughter was much more pleased about is that we were right opposite St Paul’s Cathedral:

And that I also took her to see Big Ben (who I believe is going to be covered in scaffolding soon for renovations so it was nice to see him before he was covered up)

And Westminster Abbey

I am a member of the Worshipful Company of Innholders, which is one of the Livery Companies of London (you can read a bit about Livery companies here). So we headed to the company hall for lunch, Bethany was thrilled; you head down this tiny little alley:

Through an ornate entrance and bam you are surrounded by stunningly beautiful decor which wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian Manor House!

We had a fabulous day in London!

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Christmas gift guide for everyone | Superdrug 

Superdrug Black Friday deals has loads to offers. Christmas present for everyone is definitely covered. Take advantage now of the sales and start your  Christmas shopping for all your loved ones.
Gifts for her

Fragrance for her There is a lot to choose from such as 

Burberry touch women 50ml eau de parfum was £45 now £20

Beauty advent calendar countdown to Christmas with daily beauty surprises is definitely a treat. 

Skincare range has loads of choices so perfect for any ladies. Skincare is always a women’s essential so it’s a good Christmas present, especially they were presented in a gift sets. 

Make up gifts is a perfect gift for any ladies. I’m sure there is something for everyone. It’s nice to have a make over from time to time and get pampered with new set of make up isn’t? 

Electricals has got loads of choices for that perfect accessories in hair styling 

Chocolates This is perfect as a stocking fillers. Treat your loved ones with this yummy chocolates. 
Gifts for him

Fragrance for him has got loads of choices for men’s. Perfumes and aftershave gift sets are perfect presents for gents to use everyday. 

Male grooming Perfect gift for men’s basic essentials in grooming and beard care.

Gift sets for him Men’s spray and toiletries gift set perfect for that everyday essentials 

Novelty gifts for him perfect for any men who loves novelty gifts, loads of choices as well. 

Christmas gifts for kids
There is a lot of choices from bath, toiletries giftset, blankets, characters and many other things. I’m sure there is something for everyone

Nestle santa’s sacks This will be a perfect stocking fillers for the children. 

Frozen Elsa 3D bubble bath Is always a favourite, perfect for girls.

Avengers hand wash and shower gel gift set This so cool and perfect for boys who loves avengers. 

Disclaimer : Prices are correct at time of writing, but are liable to change.

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Look what I just bought and tell me what do you think? | clothesminded 

Omg!!! Clothesminded Black Friday sale is just so irresistible that I can’t stop scrolling and putting an item at the basket. Definitely my willpower to resist a bargain is not strong enough. Anyway, here’s what I bought and their prices. 

Who can resist this black sleeveless jacket for only £3? Omg definitely not me. I think I can wear this with the stripey polo I bought as well. 

Look at this blazer!!! It’s only a £1, seriously??? My eyes were rolling in disbelief lol this is perfect in layering up and looking smart. You can’t go wrong for a £1 lol also I bought the last one so it’s now out of stock…oooppsss sorry 

This stripey polo is a basic essential for chilly weather. I can wear this with the black sleeveless jacket I bought.

Wow! This Lace blazer is a winner for a pound. Perfect for looking smart and to wear with party dress. Seriously a £1 is the ultimate bargain when it comes to a clothes lol 

Right, this metallic gold long sleeve top is pretty. Can wear it for night or layering. For £2.50 I thought might as well add in my basket lol
So, I bought a total of 5 items from clothesminded for a £10 for all plus £2.95 savers delivery. Now tell me, is this an impulse buying or definitely a bargain not to be missed? I don’t mind you being honest with me lol 



Local post: where to see Santa Rustington, Littlehampton, worthing areas

Here is a selection of places to visit Santa around Littlehampton/Worthing/Rustington area. 

Saturday 26 November 2016 – 10:00 to 16:00, Christmas Fair (St Mary’s Church, Broadwater Rd, Worthing BN11 8HT)Christmas Craft market in the Church and a Santa’s Grotto.

Saturday 3 December 2016, Christmas in Rustington. There will be Santa’s Grotto, an Arts and Crafts fair in the Methodist Church with free workshops and a children’s fair.

Saturday 3 December 2016 – 12:30 to 19:00. Father Christmas Grotto at Arundel Museum (Mill Road, Arundel, BN18 9PA). £3 per child. Price includes entrance to the museum for up to two adults and children.

Saturday 10th December. Paws, Play and Stay, Rustington. Book a visit between 12-4pm, Meet Santa and his Huskies

Littlehampton Miniture Railway, 15.30 on Sat 17th 12.00 and 15.30 on Sun 18th: £5.00 for adults and £8.00 for children. The Santa service runs from Norfolk Gardens to Mewsbrook Park (where Santa and his Grotto will be based) and returns to Norfolk Gardens after your visit.

Windmill Inn, Rustington. Saturday 3rd, Sunday 11th, Saturday 17th, Friday 23rd December. £8.50 per person for breakfast (adults and children), visit from Santa, kids get a goodie bag

Amberley Museum. Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th and Wednesday 21st December. Santa special, including a visit with Santa. 

Field Place Manor House. Winter Wonderland is open from Monday 19th December to Friday 23rd December, 11am to 6pm. £12.50 per child, adults go free!

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Our hot picks on autumn / winter essentials | everything5pounds

Feeling the chill already? Well, check this out! As we’ve got you covered on few autumn / winter essentials without breaking your bank. For a fiver, it’s definitely a bargain.


Chunky sole khaki bootsThis have a dr Martins like style and the sole looks thick so definitely a must for a cold weather 

Buckle side ankle boots Perfect for a walk.  According to review, its comfortable and warm.


Assymetric casual poncho Available in different colours and very trendy at the moment. This is definitely a good cover up when it’s chilly. It has a good ratings as well. 

Bobble knit jumper Available in different colours and looks cosy, just what you for everyday.

Snow flake eyelash knit jumper Omg this is just pretty and cute. Love the snow flake pattern on it, looks cosy as well. 

Coat / jacket 

A line button up mac Looks trendy and perfect this autumn 

Double breasted metallic button coat This just looks cosy and stylish.